Understanding Your Credit Card Billing Cycle: What You Need to Know

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Several terms and phrases are associated with your credit card, which can be a little difficult to understand- one of these terms is “Billing Cycle.” You may have heard or read about making purchases according to your billing cycle, but are you aware of what this means and how to check your credit card’s billing cycle?

Here is a comprehensive guide to the meaning, significance, and usage of the billing cycle of a credit card.

What is a Billing Cycle?

The term ‘billing cycle’ means the number of days for which the credit card bill is generated. Let us take an example and understand what the billing cycle means.

For instance, Mr XYZ got a new credit card on 5th April 2023, with 10th May 2023 as the bill generation date. So, any purchases made from 6th April till 9th May will be covered in this credit card billing cycle. The purchases or withdrawals made during this period will get billed on 10th May, and the amount needs to be paid by 31st May 2023, which is your due date.

The next billing cycle starts from 10th May to 9th June 2023, which again will be billed on 10th June, with the due date on 30th June 2023, and so on.

Many people get confused about the billing date and due dates. To clear up your confusion: 

  • The billing cycle is the period for which the card is used. 
  • The billing date is the day the entire cycle bill is calculated, after which the new cycle starts. 
  • The due date is the day your credit card bill should be paid.

How to Check Credit Card Billing Cycle?

You simply need to check the first page of your credit card statement. The due date and billing cycle date are clearly mentioned there.

What Does the Billing Cycle Include?

The billing cycle generally ranges from 25–31 days, which depends on the type of credit card you hold and the rules and protocols followed by your credit card provider. It includes:

  1. Any purchases made during the billing period. 
  2. Any cash withdrawals that have been made during the cycle. 
  3. Any interest charges that have been charged during the period will be included in the bill. 
  4. Any EMIs settled/continued for the period will fall in the billing cycle. 
  5. Any penalty, finance charges, or missed payment for the period will be charged during the credit card cycle. 
  6. Any payment will also reflect in the billing cycle and the generated bill. 
  7. Any cashback or waivers applicable to your purchases will be deducted from the final 5etools bill and reflect in your statement.

Things to Keep In Mind Regarding Your Billing Cycle

Here are a few things you must remember when tracking your credit card billing cycle:

Make Purchases During The Beginning Of The Billing Cycle

Your purchases on the first day of the billing cycle will get billed after 30 days. So, you get maximum time to use the money, interest-free for about 50 days, including the days to make payment after the billing cycle. For example, your billing cycle starts on the 5th July. You buy an Air conditioner for Rs. 30,000 on 6th July. Your bill is generated on 10th August, and the purchase will reflect on the bill on the same date. If your due date is 30th August, and you make a payment in full on the 29th, you earned the advantage of an interest-free period from 6th July to 29th August.

The Purchases Made During The Billing Cycle Will Reflect In Your Next Bill

The transactions, withdrawals, penalties, and interest charges processed during the billing cycle will be reflected in your next bill. So, if your previous bill was generated on 10th August, your new billing cycle starts from 11th August to 10th September. The purchases made during this cycle will reflect in the new bill, which comes with a new due date, say 30th September.

Be Particular About Your Due Date

Never miss your due date. Always pay your dues on time, or it will lead to high fines and an increased interest rate. It is best if you make a payment in full. If you make a minimum payment or more than the minimum, interest is charged on the outstanding balance on an everyday basis.

The Billing Cycle Can Be Modified

You cannot change your payment due date, but you can request a change of credit card billing cycle by calling the customer care department of your card provider. This can be modified according to your income cycle or purchase needs.


It is highly recommended to track your billing period and make purchases concentrex accordingly. The interest cost greatly depends on the purchases made during the billing cycle. So be wise, understand your billing cycle, spend accordingly, and enjoy using your credit card with ease and stress-free convenience!

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