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Types of Fire Safety Equipment necessary for fire protection

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Fire safety is important because it is one of the natural elements that can be difficult to control if not extinguished at the very start. Fire catches fast in favourable conditions and it is our duty to keep ready fire safety equipments that are specially made for checking and extinguishing fires. Safety vest in Riyadh are designed to cope with the types of fire that you see in the Middle East, hence are highly reliable to invest. Here we will explain some of the important fire fighting tools that you may need at various occasions. 

Fire Extinguishers

Most building constructions feature fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers. This equipment designed to stop small fires from spreading to other areas. You will find a huge range of this equipment from the market and depending on your needs you can install them. These are portable and hand held fire fighting equipment which are highly useful in fire incidents of small size.

Fire Blankets

This is used to douse fire by smothering and it is classified as Class F fire fighters. These are useful to kitchen fires started by cooking oil and fats during food preparation. Fire blanket in Riyadh can be ordered online and the online choice will give you several options.

Fire Hose Reels

 It is for Class A fire which is caused by paper, wood, rubber and other non-conductive material. This type uses water hence is not useful in electrical induced fires. For electrical fires extinguishers containing CO2 is used. Safety Store, SA is well known for its safety equipment provision and installation in the industrial belts of the country and you can rely on them to supply and install quality safety equipment that are must requisite in industrial operations and construction projects. 


Fire sprinklers are vastly used in building complexes, apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, and commercial and office buildings and are especially effective in dousing indoor fire accidents. Different standards of  sprinklers are used for different buildings and fire sprinklers are installed according to the building standards. 


Deployment of fire fighting equipment should be accompanied by signage complete with information about the equipment and location so they are detected easily during fire accidents. 

First aid kits 

These don’t come for immediate help for dousing fires but are much needed after the fire accident. People might be injured and suffered burn injuries and these first aid kits help give the initial treatment to lessen the pain and trauma and sustain till the patient is removed to a medical facility.

Emergency & Exit Signs

It is necessary to evacuate a building of human when it is on fire. This is why regulations insist on installing emerge exits and exit signs in every building that need fire safety. Providing clear instruction and routes to safe exits will help contain panic among people trapped in the fire and lessen the trauma. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are important members of the fire equipment family and they are installed in both commercial and domestic buildings. as a landlord you may have to install smoke alarms in your tenement buildings and the regulations relevant to smoke alarms will vary with state to state.

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