Top BTech Colleges in Dehradun
Top BTech Colleges in Dehradun

Topmost Engineering Job Profiles With Highest Salaries

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Bachelor of Technology or BTech is one of the leading career opportunities available in India. Every year a huge number of students step into the engineering world through top BTech colleges in Dehradun that offer BTech courses in different branches of engineering. Today, students have numerous options in terms of branches that in turn confuse students to a great extent. The initial basis of selecting a BTech branch should completely be the level of interest that a student has in the type of subjects that are a part of the course. However, the job opportunity and future scope play a huge role in attracting a student toward a particular field cannot be denied. In this article, we will discuss the engineering job profiles that will furnish them with the best scope and opportunities in the future.

Highest-paying job profiles in Engineering

The following are the job profiles that are the highest-paying job profiles in the engineering field –

Computer Science Engineering

This stream has become one of the most sought-after courses in the engineering field with salaries between 5 lakhs and 1 crore per annum. Several topics will be covered in this course, including those related to computation, programming languages, program design, and computer hardware and software in general. Computer science is a broad field that encompasses several different disciplines. Undoubtedly, Computer Science Engineering will expand in scope and importance in the digital age we live in today.

Big Data Engineer

All types of organizations, big or small, realize the inevitable importance that management of data holds in the current scenario. The average salary of a big data engineer pay 3 lakhs to 18 lakhs per annum depending upon their skills, and if they are from good colleges for BTech, they get an edge over others.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence is the era that we live in right now. The self-driving car segment, Alexa and Siri, are some of the blossoming buds that are taking shape in a variety of domains in the technology industry. According to the data, it is one of the most lucrative branches of Engineering with a lump sum amount ranging from 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs a year, and is considered one of the highest-paying branches of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

This field of engineering deals with the design and manufacturing of new products in heavy manufacturing areas such as steel, metals, alloys, and automobiles, as well as the planning and implementation of new processes. The evolution of automation at present needs to be monitored by mechanical engineers, who are proficient in this field. This stream allows one to land a job that pays 3 lakhs to 21 lakhs per annum. Choosing the Best University in Dehradun for BTech will give you an advantage in this field.

Electronics and Communication Engineer

This profile deals with the study of the design, manufacture, insertion, and operation of electronic equipment, system, machinery, and telecommunication systems like radars, sonar, integrated circuits, processors, satellites, and many more. This rapidly growing field offers jobs in the private as well as the government sectors. The salary of an Electronics and Communication Engineer ranges between 5 lakhs to 22 lakhs.


Gauging the perfect engineering stream for a student is a difficult task. A lot of factors are involved in making a decision in this stream. A student must look out for these factors and then evaluate which is the best for you For enrolling in a BTech program you need to JEE and get a college as per your rank. Direct admission colleges for BTech are also found in India.

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