Top Ten Tips For FE And PE Exam Preparation 

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Are you worried about FE and PE exam preparation? Don’t know how to and from where to start? Well, we have got you covered. Becoming a licensed professional engineer is indeed an exciting journey. 

However, in the beginning, preparation and searching for the right study material may seem like a task, but with the right guidance, tips, and knowledge, it’s super easy. So, in this blog, you will learn about the top ten tips for FE and PE exam prep Read along! 

Know The Topics For The Exam

Firstly, it’s important to know everything about the exam topic. To be specific, the structure and the pattern of the exam have to be in your mind while you start preparing. The organization that actually designs the whole paper, provides a list of topics that you need to address and prepare for.

This tip will help you avoid studying unnecessary topics and wasting your time and energy. You can avoid being startled by the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) and PE (Professional Engineering) exams by being aware of the specific exam topics that will be tested. 

PE and FE exam prep can be difficult, but with the right techniques and a well-structured strategy, you can improve your chances of success. These top 10 suggestions will help you study efficiently for these vital tests, whether you’re a new engineering graduate or a professional aiming to progress your career. 

Understanding Your Areas of Strength And Weakness

It’s crucial to have a fair understanding of your strong as well as weak points. Some of you might be excelling in economics, others in statistics, so having an idea of what you are good at, will benefit you in exam preparation. Try to actively analyze and determine the subjects and topics that need comparatively more attention. Devote more time to those topics and master them as an expert.

Keep practicing while making sure that you are an expert in all FE and PE subjects. You should also attempt to improve your skills in knowledge areas where you excel while putting in very little effort. In other words, you may improve your chances of passing the tests by paying close attention to your weaknesses and strengths.

Stick With The Exam Prep Source

By adopting a planned and thorough FE and PE test review course, you may avoid wasting time preparing for subjects that will not be on the exam or, worse, forgetting to cover those areas that are critical to passing the exams.

Create A Schedule For Yourself

The following FE and PE test suggestion is to make a daily or weekly study program for the exams. This should include brief overviews of the subjects you must master as well as the amount of practice hours you want to put in. 

Once you’ve established a strong FE and PE test study schedule, stick to it diligently and let it lead you, since keeping a written record of everything will keep you on track.

Optimal Rest Is Advised Prior To The Exam

Don’t cram the night before the exam, it’s not worth it. You’ve worked hard for months, so get a good night’s sleep to wake up refreshed and ready. Sacrificing your well-rounded preparation for a single topic isn’t a smart move. Get the right amount of sleep and pamper yourself to rock the exam. 

Don’t Get Lost in Practice Problems

Most FE and PE problems are straightforward, but some can be tricky. The exam may present incorrect solutions to throw you off. To avoid falling into this trap, grasp the fundamental concepts behind practice problems. Since there’s a lot to cover, don’t get too deep into theory, focus on the essentials to allocate time wisely to all FE and PE exam topics.

Address Each Problem With A Fresh Perspective

Our next best FE and PE exam prep tip is that if you fail to solve a practice question correctly, do not just peek through the solution, saying “This makes sense,” and hurriedly jump to the next problem. Instead, analyze the solution and figure out what the question is asking.

Try re-attempting that question, but this time don’t look through the solution or the answer. Doing so will build some “muscle memory” for that kind of problem, and you will be prepared to react accordingly if you encounter it on the FE and PE exams. 

Save Unfamiliar Subjects For The Last

The FE and PE exams may touch upon a few topics you didn’t encounter during your undergraduate engineering studies. While it’s possible to grasp these concepts on your own, they might require more time and effort compared to the subjects you studied in class.

We’re not suggesting you skip these areas entirely. Instead, our advice is to prioritize other topics you’re more comfortable with and leave the unfamiliar ones for later in your study plan.

Resolve Every Problem 

It takes a lot of work to finish the FE and PE tests in the time allocated. To pass these tests, you must be familiar with the available solution techniques, equations, and essential information. This is only possible with good practice. Set a daily aim of answering a particular number of questions.

Do not skip any practice questions. Instead, strive to tackle every difficulty in order to improve your agility and effectiveness. Read and understand each question as completely as possible. This will improve your memory and allow you to answer the questions in the shortest period of time.

Utilize the Calculator’s Advanced Functions 

Leverage the advanced features of your NCEES approved FE exam calculator to enhance your efficiency in preparing for the exam. These features include solving variable-dependent equations, organizing complex equations with layered displays, utilizing variables across steps, tackling derivatives and integrals, handling vector problems, and converting between binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and octal numbers, enabling you to solve questions more swiftly and effectively during your study plan.


These 10 FE and PE exam study tips and tricks might help you achieve your goals. Aside from your hard effort, various tactics are required to study for the FE and PE tests. We hope this post helps you pass both the exams. And to those planning to take the FE and PE exams: Congratulations on going up and improving your career, and best wishes in your future endeavors!


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