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to drive drive by itself? These popular applications of machine learning are all-pervasive. They have been revolutionizing the way the world leads its day-to-day functionalities with finesse.

These are just a few of a gazillion popular use cases that machine learning and artificial intelligence have offered us. In order to stand out from the crowd and get recognized by potential employers in the industry, it is essential to arm oneself with the top-rated Machine learning certifications.

Now, you would be thinking what is the perk behind getting a certification after all? So, the statistics state that professionals who ended up in high-paying jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning possessed credible certifications to back up their skillsets’ worth. So, as you grow in your organization, it becomes inevitable for you to upskill yourself with the latest trends and tactics in the industry. Clearly, a qualitative addition to your elaborate portfolio shall be the ML certification programs.

The other concern crops up as to whether these ML-certified professionals stand a chance in the job market. Clarifying your doubts, here are some fool-proof statistics. The Global Machine learning market is expected to surge to a staggering mark of USD 152.24 billion by 2028 (as per Fortune Business Insights). Adding to this, LinkedIn showcased the most promising careers in technology today wherein the ratio of ML Engineers has exploded to almost 350% in the market today.

The time is ripe to get into this low supply-high income zone as the world revolutionizes magnanimously. Let us understand Machine Learning from the bones to the skin of it all.

What is a Machine Learning certification?

A machine learning certification is a credible validation of your skillsets in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It solidifies your professional qualification that showcases your deep understanding of the AI ML concepts, perfect optimization of machine learning algorithms, your training, deploying, and skills at operating machine learning models.

World’s Top 5 Machine Learning Certifications:

1. Machine Learning with TensorFlow- Google Cloud Specialization

Google Cloud allows an opportunity to share your information directly with Google and Publicis and trains you on integrating the right combination of parameters that enable accurate, generalized models and theoretical knowledge.

2. Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™)- USAII®

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is all about enabling one and all with top-class machine learning and artificial intelligence skills that set them on a higher career trajectory. They have been a popular and widely trusted name among the AI ML Certifications around the world. They offer graded and the best AI certifications, based on the skills that you possess and the ones that you plan to strengthen.

CAIC - AI Consultant Certification - Artificial Intelligence Certifications - USAII

Certified AI Consultant (CAIC™) is a great program for industry professionals seeking higher grade qualifications in order to enhance and multiply their skills and earn a higher cadre position. Not just that, brimming with skills such as Advanced Robotics, AI workflows, sentiment analysis, Cloud AI, Fraud prevention, and much more; you are aligned for elevated career success. A lifetime digital shareable badge on completion stamps your credibility as a certified AI professional for a meatier role ahead.

CAIE Certificatiions - AI Engineer Certifications - USAII

Adding to the list is the Certified AI Engineer certification (CAIE™), a program that targets newbies in the AI ML industry to make the big start with industry-specific skills and land a rewarding role. USAII® understands the need of the hour and is committed to bridging the talent gap while adding the pool with a quality and specialized workforce in AI and ML via FREE eLearning study material at an alarmingly competitive charge. Being a self-paced program, you can access this from across 160 countries worldwide Anytime-Anywhere; and can benefit from the real-world guidance of industry geniuses on the course.

3. Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning- MIT

Gain the latest technologies, research, and other best practices for building advanced AI ML systems. It discusses the challenges posed by AI in the workplace.

4. Machine Learning with Python- IBM

To enter this certification, you need to possess Python competence. It allows an opportunity to add new projects that you can add to your portfolio such as recommendation engines, and others.

5. Machine Learning Certification- Stanford University

Learn the basics of machine learning, value, policy iteration, evaluating and debugging learning algorithms via recent applications to develop competitive algorithms for machines.

How to select Machine Learning certifications and courses?

  • What is on offer? – Course/Certification curriculum
  • Who is teaching? – Competence of the program instructor
  • What value will it add to your portfolio? – Credibility of the brand/certification
  • Past Reviews from the certification aspirants
  • How much do you have to pay? – Is it worth the program cost?
  • Does that resonate with your career goals or otherwise?
  • Mode of certification delivery- Online or Onsite
  • Future Market Value of the certification


With Glassdoor showcasing 27900 Machine learning engineer jobs recently, it has become the hot cake to devour for every AI ML aspirant. It would be a wise move to pivot your career sails toward quality ML certification programs in order to garner the attention of the world’s best industry recruiters. Flaunt your hard-earned AI skills and land a thriving career today!

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