Top 6 Reasons to Consider Studying Public Administration

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Education opens the doors to many opportunities for your future. This is especially true if your education involves a public administration program in North Carolina. These versatile courses of study can lead you down many exciting paths and offer numerous advantages over other degrees.

Not sure if this is the degree path for you? Here are six of the top reasons why public administration students are glad they chose this course of study:

Get a Well-Rounded Education

When you study public administration, you get the opportunity to take a variety of interesting and useful classes. You will likely never be bored by the many subjects on your course list, including but not limited to:

  • Economics and finance
  • Public speaking and communications
  • Health and wellness
  • Administration and management
  • Basic law, and so much more

This also gives you an advantage when entering the workforce, as you have the educational foundation to move forward in many different fields.

Wide Variety of Job Opportunities

Speaking of working in many different fields, a career in public administration can take a variety of forms. There are opportunities in the public and private sectors for employment. You can find jobs in government or non-profit organizations, healthcare, communications, entertainment, and much more.

Every field requires some kind of outreach to the public. Whether this is direct service to these populations, evaluation of public perception, or advertisement, there are so many ways that a graduate with a public administration degree can put their education to work.

Solid Salary

While entry-level positions in the public administration field may start between $30,000-$50,000 depending on where you live and work, these salaries can climb impressively after some time in these positions. Many senior public administrators make a comfortable living of six figures or more.

When considering average and upper-level salaries, you can easily see why public administration is ranked highly for return on investment for students. This makes investing in a public administration degree a solid choice for your financial future.

Making a Difference Through Government Involvement

As mentioned previously, a career in public administration can lead to jobs in the government space. This can range from local and state government positions all the way up to national or international offices and titles.

Local change can be enacted by these professionals when they work with police departments, local government offices, or organizations dedicated to civic improvement. These positions make a more direct impact on the communities these graduates live and work in, giving many a great sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.

Looking for a bigger impact or have loftier ambitions? You are not limited to a local government position with a public administration degree! Working with international organizations like the United Nations is possible with one of these versatile degrees. You might also find yourself as a commission or cabinet member for a congressional representative, secretary, or even the President of the United States. All of these are possibilities when you start with a degree in public administration!

Reach Out to the Public Through News, Entertainment, and More

Maybe you do not like the idea of working in government positions, but still want to reach out to the public by sharing information, updates, or political analysis. All of this is also on the table when you begin your education with a public administration degree.

Major news corporations are always on the hunt for contributors. These contributors may offer political commentary, thoughts on current events, social ideology, and more. These positions in contribution can even lead to jobs in front of the camera on local, state, or even national programs. If this interests you, begin your journey in public administration to prepare.

Tailor-Made for Those with Managerial Aspirations

Wherever you go in life, you will have to work with other people. This is true of the public and the private sector, of personal relationships and professional ones.

In all these instances, the skills and leadership abilities you develop during your education will help you make better choices and create better environments for those you work with. You will be a better leader, a better coworker, and a better manager of your own time and everyone else’s.

To learn more about how you can get started in the field of public administration – and all the doors it can open for you in the future – contact your local advisor and find out when enrollment opens in your area.

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