Top 3 things to consider if you’re planning on studying in Ireland: the full guide

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Ireland is a house of dreams and gourmet culture. Filled with picturesque landscapes, architectural monuments, and absolutely delicious food, Ireland will always have something to offer you in terms of its unmatched beauty and homely atmosphere. Yes, the people here too are warm, cozy and make you feel at home, how amazing is that?

If you consider that you should also further study in Ireland, congratulations, you have made an amazing decision as well. The study in Ireland for Indian students especially just got way easier and more exciting. You will always find new experiences to keep yourself busy with and benefit from the world-class education structure.

However, you must not forget a few things before you plan on taking a step ahead in your education journey. Here are the top 3 important things to consider if you’re planning on studying in Ireland for international and Indian students:

  1. Your basics are your backbone

Anything will be a challenge if it’s not planned ahead well. The same goes for studying in an international country like Ireland. To study in Ireland for Indian students, make your choices and decisions at least one year ahead of time. If you’re getting started with thinking about studying in Ireland, that should be two years before. One whole year will go into planning and preparing for making the process happen smoothly. Please avoid any last minute decisions as that will complicate the whole process. Pick the proper program that aligns with your career goals, research various colleges and pick your pick, get started with gathering your documents, know well about the Ireland student Visa for Indian students, and very importantly, know your affordability capacity. These decisions make a very big difference in your venture to an international country.

Speak to an expert for more detailed and accurate information like the study abroad consultants in Mumbai who will guide you each and every step you fall with the most professional and helpful advice that shall make the whole process a thousand times easier.

  1. Do not be confused by the options

Let me break it to you – Ireland as a country for study has many different options for you to choose from. While this is definitely a boon if you think you shall study in Ireland for Indian students, too many options confuse us too and that’s a reality we have to face. Despite it being a rich, serene Island country, Ireland beholds top global universities and fosters world-class education for students. How ridiculous is the fact that it has more than 5000 study programs for the students to choose from! Dublin as a university is always the most talked about in Ireland but that does not mean there aren’t other good universities that might be a better pick for you. So always remember that many options should always be a blessing to you if you know how to use such a blessing well. Never be bothered by people’s opinions as far as your goals and preferences are concerned.

  1. Your readymade checklist

To study in Ireland for Indian students, here’s a prepared checklist for you.

Before you leave India :

  • First and foremost, get settled and confirm your livelihood while staying there as well as your immediate living expenses.
  • Have your documents like Visa, Passport, University offer letter, etc absolutely at the reach of your hand. Ireland study Visa for Indian students must be kept ready before you decide on going to Ireland. To get approval for a Visa to Ireland for Indian students, contact the study abroad consultants in Mumbai who will give you the A-Z advice of the same.
  • Lastly, clear all the paperwork left in India and buy your different insurance and keep handy a few important contacts in Ireland in cases of emergency.

        After you leave India:

  • Definitely call your family and relatives first. We Indians have our big fat families who are waiting eagerly to be informed.
  • After you’ve done that, get your hands on a local phone and a stable internet connection wherever you are staying.
  • You will definitely feel out of place in the beginning but you’ll slowly but surely adapt to the good and warm people out there and the serene climate will also fill your heart with much-needed happiness and peace.
  • Your college groups will be filled with fun activities and societies which will keep you creative and busy so you do not need to worry about that either. If you are considering to study in Ireland for Indian students, we promise, it will be quite a memorable and fruitful experience, both for your personal and career growth.

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