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TJ Maxx Hours: Your Guide to Shopping Convenience

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When it comes to finding great deals on clothing, home goods, and more, TJ Maxx is a go-to destination for many savvy shoppers. With its vast selection of discounted merchandise, it’s no wonder that TJ Maxx has gained a loyal following over the years. To make your shopping experience even more convenient, it’s important to know TJ Maxx’s hours of operation.

TJ Maxx is a part of the TJX Companies family, which also includes Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post. Each of these stores offers a treasure trove of discounted items, making them popular choices for those looking to save money while still enjoying quality products. TJ Maxx, in particular, stands out for its wide variety of brand-name clothing, accessories, and home décor.

Understanding TJ Maxx Hours

TJ Maxx stores typically follow a consistent operating schedule, but it’s essential to be aware that hours may vary slightly based on location and special circumstances, such as holidays. Here’s a general guideline for TJ Maxx’s regular hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: Most TJ Maxx locations open at 9:30 AM and close at 9:30 PM. This gives shoppers plenty of time to explore the store and hunt for deals.
  • Sunday: TJ Maxx stores often have slightly shorter hours on Sundays. You can typically expect them to open at 11:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM.

It’s worth noting that some TJ Maxx locations may have extended hours during peak shopping seasons, such as the holiday season or back-to-school time. Be sure to check with your local store or visit the official TJ Maxx website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on hours.

Holiday Hours

As mentioned earlier, TJ Maxx may have special holiday hours. During the holiday season, many stores extend their hours to accommodate the increased number of shoppers. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of even more deals and discounts.

Common holidays when TJ Maxx may have altered hours include:

  • Christmas Eve: Stores often close earlier than usual on Christmas Eve, so if you have some last-minute holiday shopping to do, plan accordingly.
  • New Year’s Day: Many TJ Maxx locations open later than usual on New Year’s Day, allowing employees to celebrate the holiday.
  • Easter Sunday: TJ Maxx stores may have reduced hours or be closed entirely on Easter Sunday.

To ensure you don’t miss out on great deals during the holiday season, be sure to check your local TJ Maxx’s holiday hours in advance.

How to Find TJ Maxx Store Hours

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information on TJ Maxx hours, you have a few options:

  1. Official Website: The official TJ Maxx website is a reliable source of information about store locations and hours. Simply visit and use their store locator tool to find the nearest store and its hours.
  2. Google Search: You can also use Google to search for “TJ Maxx near me” or “TJ Maxx hours.” Google’s search results will often display the hours of the closest TJ Maxx location.
  3. Phone Call: If you prefer a personal touch, you can call your local TJ Maxx store. The store’s phone number is typically listed on the official website or in the Google search results.
  4. Social Media: TJ Maxx may also share updates about store hours on its social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  5. Holiday Notices: Pay special attention to holiday notices or signs posted on the store’s entrance and on the official website as holidays approach.


Knowing TJ Maxx’s hours is crucial for planning your shopping trips and making the most of the fantastic deals this popular retailer offers. Whether you’re seeking stylish clothing, home décor, or gifts for loved ones, TJ Maxx’s consistent and convenient hours make it a favorite destination for shoppers looking to find quality items at a fraction of the cost.

Before heading to your local TJ Maxx, be sure to check the store’s hours to avoid any disappointment and make the most of your shopping experience. Whether you’re a regular shopper or a first-time visitor, TJ Maxx welcomes you with its incredible selection and unbeatable prices. Happy shopping!

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