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storyboard artist

Tips For Locating & Selecting the Best Storyboard Artists

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Every famous movie you watch on the big screen has a storyboard behind it. And behind every storyboard is a storyboard artist. The TV show or the movie you so diligently watched is a close reflection of the storyboard. But besides sketching, there is so much more that these artists put on the table.

Hence, it becomes necessary for studios or film production to choose a story artist with immense care. You want only the best artists contributing to your project. We bring you a few tips on how to find the best talent to fulfill the project requirements.

Explaining Storyboard Artists

Storyboarding is far from simply drawing out a sketch from the script. Besides understanding, visualizing, and drawing a 2D sequence, the artist also possesses knowledge of filmmaking. So, what is an artist who draws storyboards?

The very first delineation of any storyline comes from a storyboard artist. They collaborate with the film director to conceive the original script into a drawing. Among the many necessary things, they make visual choices that result in what the production team sees on the final storyboard panel.

They help create the raw footage of your favorite movie or series. It is a series of sketches that help sketch the story beats. Further, the storyboard forms the basis of different production process stages.

The function of the artists include:

  • Envision the narrative and the written script
  • Sketch the starting scenes from the script
  • Help in the making of animatics

Finding The Best Storyboarding Talent

The visualization of any project occurs in pre-production. During this process, a storyboard illustrator will define how the scenes appear, camera angles, type of shot, timings, and even the POV. So, to ensure the artist can understand your vision and put it in a 2D form, you must find only the best storyboarding talent. Here are a few tips that will help ease this process:

Do Not Skip The Research Work:

People often get lazy when it comes to doing research work. However, it will be the key to finding the best artist. You will come across several artists who do storyboarding online. Ensure to take as much time to find the best talent. Do not forget to consider their portfolio.

When looking for an illustrator, you must ensure their style matches your needs and current stage. Different forums are available for you to check artists and their work. You can review their resumes and see what some storyboards look like and how artists work on different projects.

Use Online Platforms

Several artists display their work on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can give them follow or observe the different styles to see who they are and their work. An ideal storyboard illustrator has versatile styles. Or you can seek someone with experience in a similar project to yours.

Several online sites are also there to help you find the best artist. You can seek artists based on their styles, skills, and location.

Afford Guidance For a Faster Hiring Process

If you know someone, a colleague, or a friend who has previously worked with an artist or knows a good artist for storyboarding, ask for their recommendations. Doing so can help you find an artist more quickly. They can guide you by recommending good talent that will fit your project.

Conduct Interview

After you have your list of artists, you can start taking their interviews to see if they work well for your project. It will help you assess their skills and their method of working. You can ask them about their storyboarding process and collaboration with different departments.

See if they have previously worked on a similar project and ask for samples. For further knowledge, you can enquire about their unique techniques, software knowledge, and tools they prefer. You can determine if they have any experience in your story genre.


A storyboard is the backbone of any video, film, or series. You need to hire only the best talent as it will decide every detail and how every scene will look on the big screen. You can follow the above tips to hire the right person to understand your vision and lay the best picture of your story.

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