The Versatility and Structural Beauty of Tensile Fabric Structures

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A Tensile Fabric Structure Pattern is made by tensioning a membrane system, often wire or cable. The tension utilized in the building process is vital to the membrane’s structural strength. In the realm of thin-shell structures, tensile architecture reigns supreme.

Saddle and Cone’s tensile structures are the most frequent, although other shapes are possible. Tensile structures (also called tension structures) may take on many forms. The resulting structural design is remarkable, with extensive organic arrangement possibilities. The tensioning of the cloth results in a membrane that is absolutely free of creases and strong enough to withstand the effects of any storm.


Tensile membranes from MPanel have a wide variety of uses. Since they use less material, they are easier to transport and less cumbersome to set up. They are versatile and durable and may be altered to fit your requirements. Buildings made from tensile fabrics are functional and provide a beautiful focal point in the neighborhood.

When is it best to use a tensile fabric for a structure?

Tension structures may provide a stunning focal point, whether set against more traditional or modern buildings, city landmarks, or regional icons.

A membrane canopy is an ideal choice when you want a large, column-free area. These structures’ greatest unsupported spans are 150 feet; with steel cable netting, they’re 300 feet; and thousands of feet in the air!

Our Tensile Fabric Structure Patterns are ideal for usage as temporary structures like schools, museums, and exhibition halls.

In search of a prefabricated, modular building? Our metal-framed tensioned structures are the most cost-effective choice among modular frame buildings.

Lightweight and simple to set up, tensile membrane structure design have various applications, including canopies, skylights, sheltered pathways, shaded regions, and atrium roofs.


As was previously said, two mainstays of tensile construction make up a tensile fabric structure. This, however, in no way lessens their pliability. A tensile fabric framework may be easily modified to suit specific requirements.

Every canopy model is based on the Saddle, the Cone, or some combination. As a hyperbolic paraboloid, the Saddle’s surface is biconvex, with two peaks and two valleys. By distorting a rectangular grid, we may create a surface with an orthogonal geometry.

The Cone’s crater-like surfaces result from a radial geometry based on radians and hoops. These two forms, like the circle and the square of classical architecture, may be linked in infinite ways.


Most tensile membrane structure designs are white or another bright color so that they can lessen the amount of heat absorbed by the structure. They could cover a huge area with a little material, provide natural ventilation according to the Venturi effect, and let light in thanks to their translucent quality. The company will recycle any PVC polyester, expanded PTFE, polyolefin fabrics, or ETFE foils. You may have to put them to use in polyolefin fabrics or ETFE foils of lesser quality.

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