The price of housing bonds (tse) in 1402
The price of housing bonds (tse) in 1402

The price of housing bonds (tse) in 1402

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The price of housing bonds (tse) in 1402

Tese, or mortgage bank mortgage preemption certificates, which are known as mortgage bonds or Tese bonds, or housing facility bonds, are a useful tool for people who intend to quickly access mortgage loan facilities of the Bank of Maskan. By buying housing bonds, people can get a home loan without making a deposit, and this is useful for those who want to make an immediate purchase.

What are these bonds?

Do not confuse Tse with Nicholas Tse! In fact, the special deposit account of Maskan Bank has the conditions that in exchange for depositing in this account, you can receive housing pre-emption certificates and sell them in the over-the-counter market. In fact, by opening a special deposit account of Maskan Bank, you will be the owner of a loan privilege that you can sell in the form of bonds. There are different types of special deposit accounts of Maskan Bank and you can open different types of special accounts with interest and special accounts without interest. The difference between the types of premium accounts is in the way these bonds are allocated to the depositor, which varies according to the account balance, the branch’s priorities, and whether or not interest is requested. Therefore, by opening one of the types of this premium account, you can benefit from real estate bonds that you can either use yourself or sell it to others in a legal arrangement.

The value of housing bonds is 500 thousand tomans for each sheet of these bonds, and due to the fluctuations of the stock market, each sheet of these 500 thousand tomans is sold at fluctuating prices, but the experience of the last few years has shown that The price of these bonds is usually from 10%. Its value cannot be exceeded. That is, each of these papers that have a loan value of 500 thousand tomans has not exceeded 50 thousand tomans according to the trends of the last one or two years. Read the details of Bank Maskan’s premium account on the page related to Bank Maskan’s premium deposit.

The interest rate of housing loans and its conditions

The loan that you can get from these bonds has an interest rate of 17.5%, with a maximum repayment period of 12 years. Along with this loan, you can get a loan of 40 million Tomans with the same interest rate of 17.5% by preparing 80 sheets of these papers, and the repayment period is a maximum of 5 years. Also, the ceiling of this loan is different for Tehran, cities with more than 200 thousand people and other cities, you can read the details and the latest price in the link below.

The validity period of bonds

The expiration time of housing bonds is two years, which can be extended up to six months in some cases. When buying Tese bonds, you should pay attention that the time remaining until its expiration is enough for you to be able to use it, because in some cases the banking processes at Bank Maskan will take a long time and the validity of these papers will run out. When the validity period of housing bonds expires, its trading symbol is stopped in the stock market and its owner can no longer use it, and the cost will be burned.

To recognize when the published papers belong to, you should pay attention to the numbers that are inserted next to the Tse symbol. The first digit indicates the year of the issue and the next two digits indicate the month of the bond issue.

The latest price of housing bonds

The price is changing every day. Because these bonds are offered in the over-the-counter market and, like any other trading symbol, it has a variable price depending on the amount of supply and demand. But the price of these bonds in 1998 was usually around 39 thousand to 42 thousand tomans, which reached about 45 thousand tomans after the announcement of the increase in the mortgage limit due to these bonds. But in any case, it can be estimated that the price of these bonds in 1998 fluctuated between 7.5 and 9.5 percent of the loan value of the bonds. On this page, you can see the price of Tese bonds online.

The fluctuation range of Bank Maskan bonds

The question of many is how much does the rate of housing bonds fluctuate and what factors does it depend on? The rate of these bonds, as explained above, depends on the amount of demand. But it is not bad to know that the rate of older housing bonds is usually cheaper than newly issued bonds due to their near maturity. Sometimes this procedure is violated and the old bonds are more expensive than the new ones because of the previous speculations on the old bonds.


How many bonds should you buy?

For every 500,000 tomans of loan you want, you must prepare a Tese card. To get a loan worth 100 million Tomans, you need to prepare 200 Tessa papers. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the rate of housing bonds is variable and is determined daily based on supply and demand transactions.
Currently, a couple in Tehran is being paid 200 million tomans in mortgage loans (100 million tomans for each couple), to which this couple can add a 40 million tomans loan. Therefore, in order to get a loan of 240 million tomans, you have to prepare 480 TSE sheets. If considering the current market conditions, the price of each sheet is 41 thousand tomans, in order to get this loan, this Tehrani couple will have to spend 19 million and 680 thousand tomans for the preparation of housing documents, which of course also includes the cost of the purchase fee. The next paragraph refers to it, it will be added to it. Best Men Button 

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