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Limo companies offer services that assure that if there are the best transportation providers in the region that are us. Here we feel proud to serve every passenger that we deal with. We do care about our client’s safety and comfort, before, during and after booking one of the best limos from our diverse collection of vehicles including Luxury sedans and lush party buses to choose from. No matter if it’s a dazzling event or an instinctive night out bar jigging with friends. Definitely, we will exceed your expectations. The inside features along with the gorgeous exterior ensure that you will have a memorable time Long distance transfer, showing up urbanity and solace.

Enjoy the feeling to be driven by our professional driver

All our appointed chauffeurs are licensed, insured and skilled to provide a service according to our Limo company’s quality standards. Moreover, we train our chauffeurs to serve on a high-service-oriented level as export chauffeurs to meet our client’s expectations to the fullest.

  • Safe travels
  • Enjoy the utmost comfort
  • Enjoy the pleasure to be driven

Moreover! without any charges you can cancel your reservation 1 hour before the pick-up time.

Affordable enough to meet your transport needs

Most of the time our customers use to say that they were resisting even keeping in mind,  booking transportation with us as they thought it would be too costly to pay for it. We are able to present our services affordably by not making your pocketbook empty for transferring you from one place to another. Apart from this, we have extremely talented professionals who know how to present the best customer service. We always use to keep our customer’s satisfaction first and this is what matters to us most. As we own a larger fleet of vehicles for you, no matter how many you are in number. We will select the right vehicle for you according to your need with a customized sound system, multi-coloured lighting and woofers for an all-out party on wheels. So if you with your group members have decided to a party out hoping in a luxurious limo. It doesn’t matter how big your group is, we are fully equipped to provide you with our sumptuous, deluxe transportation service.


World-class cosiness, safety and supremacy

It has been more than 30 years since we are driving by the standard of excellence in reliable transportation. Whether the need for transportation is for family or for business. We have been proven to be the most distinctive, innovative and trusted transport service provider. Book your ride today and let yourself experience the excellence of world-class limousines. Our fleet of flawlessly maintained limos will guarantee that your ride is sumptuous and classy. We offer competitive price rates for airport transfers, hourly rental limos and exclusive events.  Let us take you where your arrival in time and style is essential.


Whether you are facing an emergency or have to go shopping, or going out for recreational purposes, planning for a wedding needs reliable transportation service, going to a hill station for a vacation along with your family or have any other requirement, Limo companies always stand by without worrying to serve you in your time of need. We are 24/7 available to help you through our reliable transportation service. You can easily have access to us by making a single phone call if you want our exceptional services. You can arrange your trip in a very short period of time by making a quick call to us as your transport problem will be resolved in no time. Our efficient driver will be at your door with a splendid vehicle. We assure you will certainly have a satisfying driving experience in the limo Vancouver to Whistler of your own choice. Call us today to enjoy a travelling experience in the vehicle of your dreams.

Name:     Supreme Limousine & Chauffeur Service Ltd

Address: 944 E 53rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5X 1J6, Canada

Contact:  +1 778-927-1003

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