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The Magnetic Cube

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The magnetic cube has both enthralled and frustrated generations of puzzlers. Known as neodymium cube magnets, this powerful magnet is 10-14 times stronger than ceramic magnets. It is used in a variety of applications such as holding objects parallel to each other in comparator and toolmaker microscopes.

Adding magnets to a cube improves stability and allows the pieces to snap into place, decreasing undesirable morphing that can occur during layer turns. This makes it easier to achieve a faster solve time.


In the macroscale, a magnetic cube can be assembled from eight interacting spherical magnets in a simple cubic cluster. The ground state of this arrangement is stable and corresponds formally to a multipole named a dotriacontapole 5,6.

A magnetic cube can also be used to demonstrate the concept of polarity. This is because opposites attract and similars repel. The polarity of the magnets in this cube is determined by their polarization, which is the direction in which they point in space. It’s important to note that the polarity of each face is different from the other.

Many top speedcubers use magnetic cubes to improve their times and solve a greater number of solves. This is because the magnets add stability to the cube and prevent it from over-shooting a turn. They can also help a cube reach high speeds, which is why they are often preferred by advanced speedcubers. These magnetic cubes have small magnets glued inside each corner and edge piece, which attract the corresponding cubies when a turn is completed. This is a subtle addition to the cube, but it is a significant improvement.


Many speed cubers like to use magnetic cubes for their higher turning speeds. The magnets add stability to the turn, reducing the chance of overshooting the corner or edge pieces. They also make it easier to rotate the pieces and eliminate blockages that can occur with a regular cube.

In addition, the magnets reduce the force needed to move a layer. This makes it possible to turn the cube faster than ever. It is no wonder that this type of cube is used by many top competitors to achieve world record times.

However, it is important to remember that magnetic cubes are not the only factor that contributes to better solve times. Other factors, such as good tensioning and lubrication are equally important. With the right combination of these, you can see the best results. Nevertheless, most people agree that magnetic cubes can improve performance. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for beginners who want to boost their solve time.


Using geometric aesthetics and gravity, this cube neatly and stylishly restores order to charging cables and headset cords. The cube is halved into two subtle and sleek rhomboids, and features capsule-shaped openings that are perfect for storing headphones or memo pads. The weight of the magnets enables it to slightly elevate wires from tabletop surfaces and prevents them from falling onto the floor or becoming lost on the desk.

Magnetic cubes are regular speed cubes with magnets installed inside the corner and edge pieces, so that they attract instead of repel. This allows for increased stability without affecting speed or corner cutting. It has become the new norm for flagships and many top speedcubers prefer it over traditional hardware.

Magnets aren’t the only way to customize a cube, though. Many companies also offer different lubes that allow for more or less friction. There are even weighted lubes that can add extra speed. There are also adjustable magnets on some models that let users regulate the strength of the magnets.


Magnets can be arranged in different ways on a cube, and this affects how easily it can be disassembled. For example, a magnetic cube with a single magnet on the corner pieces is easier to disassemble than one with two magnets. In addition to this, the magnets on the edge pieces must be aligned correctly to allow the corners to slide out easily.

This is especially important if you’re planning to use the cube as a science or math activity for kids. To prevent the magnets from falling off, it’s best to apply a small amount of lubricant on the edges. If you use too much lubricant, the magnets will be stuck together and won’t slide.

Magnet cubes are a great way to teach kids about magnetic fields. They are also a fun way to improve spatial imagination and architectural design. This is an ideal STEM toy for preschoolers and children who are developing their fine motor skills.

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