2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag With Arms

The Best Winter Baby Sleeping Bags With Arms and Zippable Legs!

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Parents’ biggest confusion when buying sleeping bags for their baby is the TOG rating to look out for and the style with the arms or zippable legs. Opting for a sleeping bag in place of swaddles and bedding is all good, but what about the winter season?

Once your baby is older, they will know to pull the blanket over themselves or ask you for their favourite sweater, but when they are still babies, there is only so much they can do for themselves. This is why Winter Sleeping Bags With Arms are a necessity.

Winter Sleeping Bags with Arms

Winter sleeping bags may not always be advertised as winter sleeping bags. You will have to learn the right TOGs you will need. Secondly, sleeping bags with arms are great for winter. While you can always dress your baby in their onesies before bedtime, the addition of arms in their sleeping bags will help keep them warm no matter what. It is also great for when you need to take them outside.

Sleeping bags with zippable legs can be sipped on and off effortlessly, so you can easily carry infants and babies as you travel with them. For winter, you should surely go for sleeping bags with arms or sleeves.

The Right TOGs for winter

While we all have heating systems in our homes to make them warm and cosy, you can create only a certain level of warmth before it becomes too hot. It is always best to keep the heat at a bearable level and supplement your baby with the right winter sleeping bags for winter.

A TOG of 2.5 is the best for temperatures before 16℃. You should look for a 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag With Arms. The 2.5 TOG will ensure the baby is kept warm through the night. Additionally, the sleeves will make sure that their arms are warm no matter how much they move throughout the night.

Although you can also use a lower TOG, you will need to add layers of clothes to ensure the baby is warm. And we all know how much babies hate clothes, and layers on top of layers are only going to make them cranky!

The Benefit Of Zippable Legs

Sleeping bags with zippable legs are relatively new on the scene. They come with additional zips that you can fasten to make leg holes in the sleeping bag for babies. You can simply zip up their legs and bring them to their high chair for breakfast. It is a boon for busy moms as you will not have to spend additional time changing them out of their sleeping bags just so they can fit onto the high chair.

Once they are done with their meal, and you are free too, you can easily change them.


What are the best sleeping bags? One with arms, zippable legs, and a 2.5 TOG rating. Remember these dear mommies and daddies, so you know what to buy for your baby!

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