The Best Press Release Submission Sites List

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Press release sites can be an effective tool for garnering media coverage, but it’s essential to remember they should only form one aspect of an overall PR strategy. Furthermore, they should not be overused as this may overwhelm journalists with irrelevant releases that may no longer be newsworthy or timely.


Free press release submission sites can be an invaluable asset to small businesses, providing them with an opportunity to spread news and announcements more broadly while building brand recognition in local communities and industries. Although free press release submission sites do have some drawbacks, these can be minimized by choosing reliable sites and adhering to best practices when writing and submitting releases.

Though freemium press release services may be helpful to some businesses, they should not be relied upon exclusively in achieving marketing objectives. They typically offer limited distribution and may not guarantee your story will make the front page.

If you’re in search of a quality and free press release submission service, PR Sync and IssueWire offer longstanding histories in news distribution with numerous tools for journalists and businesses alike. They can help find influencers to promote your stories to wider audiences while helping find influencers to help market stories effectively.


Paid press release submission sites can be an essential element of any successful marketing plan. They allow companies to submit news of new products and services directly to journalists who then publish them online or in print publications – resulting in both parties benefitting. Journalists get fresh stories while businesses gain visibility.

Paid sites will typically offer more options and features than free ones, like EIN Presswire for affordable national and international distribution through media outlets and household names. EIN Presswire also makes an excellent option for authors looking to promote their book announcements with wider exposure.

Paid sites also make it possible to monitor the performance of your press release. You can monitor its number of impressions compared with similar stories. This data can help determine how successful your press release strategy really is.


Press release sites can be an efficient and cost-effective way for individuals and organizations alike to share news and announcements with wide audiences, increasing visibility. Your choice of press release submission site depends upon your needs and goals – some offer free distribution while others charge fees for services like analytics tracking and targeted outreach.

Many of the best premium press release sites feature large distribution networks comprised of household names and news outlets. Furthermore, they often boast additional features, such as social media distribution and SEO-friendly link building – for instance IssueWire offers a free basic service which includes embedded media options, social sharing features and mobile distribution.

Authors know the value of using an expert press release submission site correctly when writing press releases for published or forthcoming books, or ghostwriting services they offer, such as ghostwriting. However, in order for your press releases to have maximum impact it’s crucial that they adhere to specific protocols for doing this correctly.


Press releases are one of the few digital marketing techniques that have largely remained the same over time, serving a specific format with limited audiences to share news of your business or project. They can be effective ways of spreading this news quickly.

Press release submission sites offering free press release submission have a more limited distribution network; paid alternatives provide more targeted outreach to journalists and media outlets; some services provide analytics tracking so you can gauge its effect.

For optimal use of press release submission sites, it’s crucial that you establish a list of journalist contacts within your target publication. LinkedIn, MuckRack and HARO provide tools that help with this goal – keeping this list current is also key, since journalists often change jobs regularly. Ideally, look for PR sites offering video-based news content as this option has become increasingly popular over time.

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