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Within the framework of World Rock Day which was celebrated this month, consumer trends around musical instruments and their accessories invite us to explore this market niche. Did you know that during the pandemic the field rebounded in sales? In this new article, we show you which products are preferred and why e-commerce is an excellent sales channel for this niche.  

Why and when is World Rock Day celebrated?

World Rock Day is celebrated every July 13, a day on which the Live Aid festival in 1935 is remembered, with the aim of helping the extreme famine situation that existed in North African countries. Great rock figures were present at the event held in London and Philadelphia, such as David Bowie, Madonna, Phil Collins, and Eric Clapton, among others.
In this context, we rescue the social and cultural value of musical instruments in general, used for decades throughout the planet. In addition to their physical functionality to produce sounds, musical instruments are also transmitters of cultural values. They are part of the manifestations of each culture, so each one of them comes from beliefs and contributes to popular knowledge. What Is The World’s Best-Selling Musical Instrument?

Why sell musical instruments on the Internet? 

Now, let’s get to the bone:  why sell musical instruments on online channels? While some sectors saw their sales plummet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, musical instrument sellers rebounded in sales, as happened in the United States, Chile and Colombia.
In this context, all kinds of instruments were sold – and continue to be sold: from electric basses, electronic drums, pianos, and even ukuleles. Even this last instrument was and continues to be a trend among the younger audience, which during the pandemic explored the thousand ways to play it and shared it massively on social networks such as Tik Tok or YouTube.

5 musical instruments to sell in Mercado Libre Mexico

Knowing what the trends in musical products in Mercado Libre México are regarding and following them up is essential to be aligned with the demand and adapt to the versatility of the item. Although these are products with a medium ticket, in general, high, there are also many complementary products that are a great opportunity to take advantage of the growth of the item due to their lower prices. Read on and discover which products stand out in the world of music!

1. guitars 

If we take a general look at the Musical Instruments category, guitars take all the interest in the ranking of best-selling products. Electric guitars with Stratocaster-like amps and accessories, for example, saw strong growth in sales this month, ranking second in the top 5 in the category.
If we continue to explore this ranking, we can see that there are other instruments that shine in sales: the Worlde Panda Mini MIDI controller reached the top 20 and grew more than 1330 positions in just one month. This customizable product is great for producers of various music genres such as electronic, hip-hop, or urban.
Regarding the most searched words, ” acoustic guitars” and “electric guitars” are the most requested – which is reflected in the sales of the category -. One thing to keep in mind is that the keyword “accordion” is in the top 5 of the most searched products and information which is complemented by the growth in sales of accordion accessories.

2. Accordion covers 🪗

As we indicated above, some accessories such as those found in the For accordions category -within Cases and Covers- are a sales opportunity, since there is little competition and high growth in sales. For you to take into account: in this category, the best-selling product is the 3-Register Accordion Backpack from the Honner brand.
An important fact is that 100% of the sellers of accordion covers offer free shipping, so if you choose to sell products here, you should not miss this benefit to match or improve your competitors within the marketplace. medical SEO 

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