Tempered Glass VS Frosted Glass

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Glass has many types which can be used in different areas for different purposes. Knowing which glass is specific for which use is a must before buying glass. Here we are going to discuss a few differences between a tempered glass and frosted glass.



            A tempered glass is manufactured by a process called ‘tempering’ which creates this 4 to 7 times harder and tough glass by heating the already designed and shaped glass at a high enough temperature and then cooling it suddenly making the glass create a hard layer on its outer side. This hard layer will not allow the glass to shatter into pieces upon impact, but the force will evenly be distributed all across the glass surface making the tempered glass best for durability.

On the other hand a frosted glass is a simple glass that has been sandblasted or made by acid etching of a smooth glass. This process will make one side of the glass be a bit rough and when light passes through it will scatter the light thereby giving a frosty look to the glass. The opacity is reached 10-20% on average.



            A tempered glass which is known for its high durability and temperature resistance is the best option when you are to use in places which have a high chance of impacts, scratches, to much sunlight and if placed outside the glass has to be durable enough to withstand the hard and heavy rainfall and hailing even snowfall or hot summers that greatly alters the temperature. In building when using a glass for windows a glass must be tempered glass or else it will not be able to endure all of these. On the other hand a frosted glass is mostly used indoors where privacy is to be needed. The frosted glass is a kind of design that is more delicate and aesthetic as compared to the tempered glass. Frosted glass is used mostly in shower or bathtub areas as glass shower screens to make a private area. On table tops of many counters where many heavy objects are placed and to give more visual appearance to the table base a clear tempered glass is the best option.



A frosted glass is the new semi private option for people because what a frosted glass does is that it gives a separation between two places, the separations can be a door or wall or even a window, but at the same time not making the placed to dull and separated since a frosted glass is translucent i.e., it will allow light to pass through it and only minor details from the other side rather than giving a full view. A frosted glass has many designs to apply ranging from different shapes and color schemes. A tempered glass that is clear and strong even if it is of the same thickness as other glass types will best be used when a strong but more illuminated look is required. This is when shops and stores have to display their products in the market giving a more visual appeal to their products and at the same time keeping the security in check. A tempered glass will have its cuts, clips and designs made before the tempering process because once tempered trying to apply any changes can risk the glass to shatter.



            A tempered glass with no doubt is more strong than any other regular glass, on average it will take the burglars about 2-3 hours to even make a small break through the tempered glass. The tempered glass upon impact will evenly distribute it and the hard tempered surface will be able to endure all of it. Even sharp objects have little to no effect on the tempered glass. While a frosted glass, even though good for its wide range of designs, can get a lot of scratches and cracks on it after time. A few hammer hits can cause the frosted glass to scatter quite easily. Making the use of frosted glass to be more delicate and risky in places where there are chances of more impacts.



            A tempered glass has its own benefits while a frosted glass has its own. What we can easily conclude is that tempered glass is mostly commonly used in places like shopping malls, stores, buildings, and houses where a durable transparent separation is needed. While a frosted glass acts as more delicate and private glass separation in most cases. Frosted glass has many designs and different shades of colors depending on your requirements and have many different designs that could be change very easily on the contrary a tempered glass can have many few designs as compared to the frosted glass since it is hard to add designs to the hard surface after the glass has been tempered. But what can one do if he prefers both the frosted and tempered glass for them ? Well a tempered frosted glass is a go to get option for you.



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