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There are a ton of wreath designs that you can use to beautify your home. However, if you ask me, teardrop wreaths for the front door are perhaps the best option you can go with. Not only do you get an amazing design at an affordable price, but it comes in different colors, shapes and styles. This means that there is one for everyone out there.

If you are curious about these wreath designs, then you have come to the right place. We will talk about what wreaths are and how teardrop wreaths differ. We will also discuss some exciting designs that you can get inspired by. Towards the end, we will even point you to the place where you can get your own teardrop wreaths to decorate your home. Let’s go!

What are wreaths, and why do they matter?

Wreaths are natural and organic decorative items made from plants, ribbons, and similar materials. They are often arranged to form circles or ovals that can be hung on walls or doors or used as centerpieces. Wreaths have a long history and are used all over the world for decorations. From Christmas to Thanksgiving, wreaths are a must.

The best thing about wreaths is that they are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Since they are often handmade, each design is unique and just as awe-inspiring as the next. There are various options you have for wreaths and decorations. However, teardrop wreaths for front door decorations are one of the best.

You may be wondering why teardrop wreaths for the front door when you have so many options. Simply put, teardrop wreaths have a distinctive shape and look that is much more intricate than circular wreaths. Furthermore, doors are one of the best places to place a wreath since everyone can see them. This makes for an inviting atmosphere.

Teardrop wreaths for the front door to inspire you

Check out these intricate designs for creating or purchasing teardrop wreaths for the front door.

Christmas teardrop wreaths for front door ideas

Christmas is perhaps the season most synonymous with wreaths and other forms of winter decorations. You can use special Christmas teardrop wreaths for the front door to decorate your home in time for the holidays. These teardrop wreaths have a distinct design and can contain various small items to bring more beauty to your doors.

Reds and greens are the most commonly used colors for these designs. Furthermore, in terms of materials, you can use pine, mistletoe, or faux leaves to add natural and rustic beauty. You can also add red ribbons, bells, and small flowers to further make the design more intricate. If DIY isn’t your piece of cake, you can easily buy one online from a store.

Wedding bells teardrop wreaths

If you just had your special day, then this one is for you. Wedding wreaths are used as decorations for homes, chapels, or any related celebration. While circular wreaths are more popular for weddings, a teardrop wreath can be all you need to set your wedding apart from the rest. A different design and some personal touches are important.

For a wedding teardrop wreath, adding wedding bells is crucial. They will add to the atmosphere by providing chimes with pleasant sounds. The wind can move the bells and ring them, which helps make the day even more memorable. You should use white or light blue colors and flowers for this wreath. Small leaves, natural or faux, can work too.

Thanksgiving wreaths

Thanksgiving is the time when families get together, catch up on what they have been missing, and give thanks for what they have received all year. At Thanksgiving, you can expect to entertain guests as they arrive. While a turkey or rotisserie chicken helps make the day memorable inside, a teardrop wreath sets the atmosphere outside.

Your door is the first thing people see when approaching your home. Adding a cute and intricate Thanksgiving teardrop wreath can make your home feel even more inviting. You can use brown or yellow colors to make it consistent with the theme of Thanksgiving. Many people use autumnal colors and pines for such wreaths, but small fruits work, too.

Summer-themed teardrop wreaths

When summer comes around, we all love to go to the beach. Sometimes, with proper decorations, you can bring the beach home. Impossible? Well, not with summer-themed teardrop wreaths. While these won’t teleport you to the sandy shores, they can add the same atmosphere to your home. That’s because they are just that immersive and quaint.

For these, you need to dig into what you love most about the summer season. Maybe it’s the birds or the sight of flowers blooming. You can use all that to create an intricate wreath that takes all the best things about summer and combines them. It is recommended to use reds, yellows, and greens as primary colors as they along great.

Flower teardrop wreaths

Maybe it’s spring, and you’re looking to let in a bit of the spring spirit. Maybe it isn’t a special time, but you feel like your home lacks something. In this case, a flower teardrop wreath can be the best option. They are not synonymous with any particular day or season, so that you can use them all year round. They are versatile and beautiful.

For these beauties, you need to add what else? Flowers. Flowers come in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to options. Go for the flowers you love and the colors that go along with your home. Add some dash of faux plants, ribbons, and small ornaments, and there you go. The combination will look striking.

Easter teardrop wreaths

Finally, we come to the Easter-themed teardrop wreaths that you will just love. These wreaths will help you carry the easter spirit to your home. You can embrace the day by buying one of these online or by crafting one yourself. It’s simple and easy to do as a beginner. However, options exist if you want to purchase one from an online store.

When it comes to easter wreaths, adding small bits and bobs helps to bring the entire thing together. These wreaths go well on any front door and can serve as a good showpiece while your kids are collecting easter eggs in the yard.

Start decorating your home TODAY

It’s never too late to start decorating your home. Hopefully, the ideas we presented were enough to get you started. There is always more to discover and try out. We encourage you to try out different types of wreaths and experiment with different colors. You can make one yourself using a tutorial, which can be found anywhere on the web.

However, if you want to purchase it from a professional wreath maker, then Festivus Festoon is perhaps the best place to go. They have high-quality wreaths available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Each is handcrafted and unique, making them fabulous additions to doors. You can even get teardrop wreaths for the front door as well.

That’s not all, however. There are many other options on the site that you can explore and add to your home. Decoration is a world of opportunities, and you can always learn more, try out more, and add more to your home. Good luck on your home décor journey!

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