teacher day
October 5 is International Teacher's Day, and we want to remember and honor our educators together with the whole world.

Teachers Day

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Teachers Day

October 5 is International Teacher’s Day, and we want to remember and honor our educators together with the whole world. We all know and agree that teachers are vital to our children’s education. Some might argue that as technology advances. The role of teachers will weaken, and soon we may not need a teacher. However, the truth is that as technology advances, we will still need teachers. But the difference is that the role of the teacher is changing. In addition, in many Commonwealth countries, we continue to face the challenges of technology access. As well as the challenge of preparing teachers and students to use technology effectively. We wish to encourage governments. And strategically develop ways to make the work of our teachers more fruitful as we observe World Teachers’ Day. Read more

Much has been achieved over the past decade to improve access to education and achieve the (MDGs) and  (EFA).

Significance of Teachers Day

Several governments have dedicated funding to UPE and USE, which advocates for “helping developing countries improve”. We would like to express our gratitude to these governments for their efforts to guarantee. however, much remains to be done.  Although we have managed to attract many children to the schools over the last decade. The massive increase in the number of these children could affect the quality. One way to ensure this is to provide qualified teachers and educators. Teacher education is just as important as teacher placement, so comprehensive strategies are needed. Strategies to address gaps and challenges in teacher education, teacher placement, mentoring support, and teacher compensation and motivation.

This is arguably more relevant today than it was yesterday due to advances in technology, changes in a teacher’s role. Technology is spreading rapidly and the demands and expectations on educators to integrate these technologies into teaching. While there are many stories of teachers successfully and innovatively integrating technology. 

Sadly, they are now and again reprimanded by society and the public authority for neglecting to consider that educators don’t have numerous amazing chances to actually do their obligations. So, on this day, may we commemorate. But perhaps choose not only to glorify them, but also to make every effort to support them better.

Importance of Teachers’ Day

World Educators Day celebrates instructors and their commitment to schooling, perceiving their job and significance in the improvement of understudies and society.

Teachers’ Day is an occasion that pays a tribute to the teachers to resolve some of the issues regarding their profession. And hence tries to attract the brightest young minds towards this profession.

One last thought as we celebrate this day.

We would like to pay special attention to teachers in conflict and natural disaster areas. As we all know, there are many conflicts and disasters in several Commonwealth countries and other parts of the world. For instance, we have what is going on in Nigeria, where Boka Haram is abducting school young ladies, Koni has been threatening northern Uganda for quite a long time, and in spite of the fact that he was removed from Uganda, he basically moved his assaults to Focal African Republic; Ebola is obliterating West Africa, and clashes in Ukraine, South Sudan, Syria and different pieces of the Center East have constrained a huge number of individuals to escape their homes.

In this large number of instances of contention or cataclysmic event, schooling is seriously impeded, and at times even seriously obliterated, adding to stunt the advancement of people in the future. The physical and mental suffering of teachers, parents and children is sometimes unimaginable and yet in the middle there is learning and learning! In such situations, there are many unsung heroes – children who endure harsh conditions to get into schools or learning centers, parents who let their children go to these centers or schools on a daily basis with no guarantee that their children will return, and teachers who, despite all these uncertainties, have difficulties in providing these children with education and often psychosocial support.

What do you think FLL is doing to address the issues raised here?

 COL has found a solution to connectivity problems with its innovative APTUS technology, which is “a self-contained virtual classroom where students can continue to use digital resources and learning networks”. This can be utilized imaginatively in displaced person camps to give admittance to quality instructive materials.

COL supports institutions that encourage teacher learning and continuous professional development through open. And distance learning methods that reach potentially underserved groups who are unable to attend face-to-face classes.

COL also believes in and encourages the development and use of Open Educational Resources (OER), has a huge OER database, and has compiled the Open Educational Resources Directory as one of the strategies to meet the demand for quality educational materials. For example, COL has worked with a number of institutions to develop (ORELT), which is currently being used to support teachers in rural schools in Kenya.

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