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If you’re interested in the military, you’ve probably met a man with a charismatic, engaging personality who has inspired countless others to reach their full potential. Yes, you’re correct. We’re discussing Shishir Dixit Sir. He has been inspiring and empowering kids to pursue a career in defence as an officer for the last ten years or more. The selection and success stories of Centurion Defence Academy pupils serve as a testament to Mr. Shishir Dixit Sir’s fortitude and confidence. He has a special capacity to connect with audiences on a deep and personal level, motivating them to achieve new levels of achievement and fulfilment. He is a sought-after speaker, air veteran, writer, columnist, and educator.


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Shishir Dixit is a prolific writer, renowned columnist, motivational speaker, educator, and air veteran. Born in the Raebareli District of Uttar Pradesh in 1990. Shishir Dixit Sir has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential through establishing and successfully running Centurion Education Private Ltd (Popularly Known as Centurion Defence Academy). Shishir’s dedication to empowering others has earned him numerous accolades and awards, including The Real Heroes Award, Pradesh Ke Stambh Award, and Red Achievers Award. He continues to inspire and motivate others through his writing, speaking engagements, and charitable work.



His Personal Life and Education


Dinesh Kumar Dixit and Sharda Dixit were the parents of Shishir. Shishir is married to Gurkirat Kaur, and the couple has a son named Shashank Shekhar Dixit. Shishir enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, working out, and doing volunteer work in his spare time. Shishir Sir is renowned among students as a “Rockstar” interviewer. His students admire him for his tailored advice and his availability in times of need.

Shishir Sir excelled in the legal sector while earning his B.A. L.L.B. from Dibrugarh University. Shishir Sir became interested in psychology and studied an M.Phil. in the subject at IGNOU.


Shishir Dixit Sir As an Educator

Shishir founded Centurion Education Private Limited, a prestigious institution that prepares students for defence tests, as a result of his passion for education. The institution is renowned for its thorough, individualised, and holistic approach to education, and it has aided thousands of students throughout India in realising their dream of joining the officers cadre of the defence services. Under Shishir’s direction, Centurion Education has developed into a top organisation in India for the preparation of military exams, offering a variety of courses and programmes that are tailored to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. Through his signature scholarship programme, he has assisted students from various socioeconomic levels.


Shishir As a Psychology Expert


Shishir Dixit is a well-known psychology specialist in addition to his work as a teacher, motivational speaker, and author. He is well-known for his aptitude to spot personalities and for assisting students in getting ready for psychological exams in the SSB Interview. Shishir has a profound grasp of human behaviour and personality traits as a result of his years of experience working with students and leading mock interviews. He has developed his abilities in spotting important personality features and assisting students in understanding their own strengths and flaws. Below are links to some of his psychotherapy sessions and practise interviews.


Psychology Session:

Mock Interview: 

Shishir Sir As a Motivational Speaker


A highly sought-after motivational speaker, Shishir Dixit Sir is renowned for his capacity to uplift and encourage pupils to realise their full potential. His lectures have been viewed and admired by thousands of people at a variety of occasions and platforms, including Josh Talks. Shishir Sir’s dedication to inspiring kids goes beyond his appearances on stage. He interacts with students on social media in a proactive manner, responding to their questions and concerns and offering them the advice and support they need to be successful.


Shishir Sir As a Writer and  Columnist


Shishir Dixit is a prolific writer and columnist who has made significant contributions to making people aware about defence exams through his articles. He is a regular contributor to leading newspapers such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, and Dainik Jagran, where he writes about a range of topics related to defence exams, education, and career development. Through his writing, Shishir Dixit has helped to raise awareness about the importance of defence exams and the opportunities they provide for young people in India. He has also offered practical advice and guidance to students, helping them to navigate the often-challenging path to success.


You can access some of his prolific articles published in leading newspapers here:


Shishir Sir’s Fame and Popularity


Shishir Sir is well recognised for leading the leading Indian Centurion Education Private Limited defensive coaching institute, which boasts a high success record in officer cadre defence exams. For preparing for defence exams, the institute is largely considered as among the best in the nation. Shishir Sir is also well-known for his charitable activities, through which he has assisted thousands of marginalised and low-income defence candidates.


Shishir Sir at Josh Talks: 

Shishir Dixit Sir, Education, Age, Wife, and Popularity


Full Name Shishir Rameshwar Dixit
Profession Educator, Psychology Expert, Writer, and Motivational Speaker
Age 33 Years
Date of Birth 12-05-1990
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Mother Tongue Hindi
Residence Lucknow
Father Dinesh Kumar Dixit
Mother Sharda Dixit
Wife Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur
Children Shashank Shekhar Dixit
Alma Mater ●     Lucknow University
Dibrugarh, Universit

●     IGNOU

Education ●     B.A. L.L.B. from Dibrugarh University

●     M. Phil in Psychology from IGNOU

●     Pursuing Ph.D. in Psychology (R.C.I. Approved)

Interests Basketball, Defence and Security Issues, Geopolitics, and International Relations
Known For Giving the highest selections in all defence exams, Social Work and
Trending For Establishing and Leading One of India’s most successful defence education center, Delivering the Highest Selections in all Defence Exams in Officer Cadre, Motivational Speaker
Hobbies Reading, Cricket, Physical Fitness


You can connect with Shishir Dixit Sir On


Call: +91-9795977776

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