Setup Confusions Settled Through Wavlink Easy Steps

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Are you confused about the Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Setup? Be patient as we are here with a number of tips on setup. We are pretty sure after following them you can easily get off the setup issues. And will enjoy the unbreakable entertainment.

Issues While Accessing The AP Setup Page

  • You could not be able to direct the Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup page. 
  • The admin and password of the default login are not working.
  • The Internet is slow or not working.
  • Availability of the wireless available networks in the list.

Wavlink Wireless Setup Through Ap.Setup Wizard

You will get instructions on how to perform the Wavlink Extender Login steps and install your wireless extender through the AP setup wizard page. This setup process can take 10 to 15 minutes if the above things are collected earlier.

Wavlink Router Setup Consideration Tips

  • Do not press any key on the Setup page of the Wavlink extender and router. As it is a wireless system. 
  • Make sure the wireless extender is in the proximate range of the existing WiFi router.
  • The Internet service provider’s router should be on an active Internet connection.
  • Plug the extender into the wall jack directly.
  • Your default login and WiFi credentials are present on the back of the router.

Full Procedure To Access The Web Portal

You should take some of the necessary steps to access the AP setup page on your web browser. However, via the Setup steps to the login page, the web browser can easily be accessed. This Wavlink Extender login page can also help easily configure all the settings of your Wavlink Wireless Extender. Before proceeding with the AP full setup of the device, we suggest you understand the process first. So let’s have a look to proceed with the page.  

Access With AP Local

  1. First, plug the WiFi extender into the socket and turn it on.
  2. Check the power LED light before plugging it in.
  3. Following the above steps connect your computer or laptop as well with the extender.  
  4. Search for the extender network name on your web browser.
  5. Click on the connect button to connect your device wirelessly. 
  6. After you find the name of the WiFi extender, at the back of the existing router the default Wi-Fi name is written.
  7. Type AP setup into the web address bar of your browser.
  8. Enter the login credentials before you enter the login page. 
  9. By default, if you are not directed to the login page, in that case, you can try using a different web explorer. Or you can also clean the history of your web browser.
  10. Type the login credentials of the user manual to log in to the detail page of Wavlink. 
  11. Finally, click on the next or login button to access the Wavlink wifi extender setup page.
  12. Then, use the screen directions to complete the setup process. 

Wavlink Extender WPS Step-By-Step Process

For the Wavlink Extender setup procedure. Here’s an analysis of all the necessary steps you need to follow. Just ensure that you follow all the steps in the same order. 

  1. Turn on your Wavlink WiFi Extender through the electric socket.
  2. The existing router should also not be left without powering up from the WPS button and the socket as well.
  3. Therefore, place the extender near the existing router till the setup is completed.
  4. Verify the setup through the WPS button on the existing router as well. 
  5. Press the WPS on both devices as it is so easy to do. 
  6. Wait for a while now to let the connectivity procedure complete.
  7. After a few seconds, you will see the successful connection of the LED Lights turn green.

This Way Change The Admin Password Of The WiFi Extender

  • On your computer open the new web crawler in the new tab.
  • In your web address bar type the IP address and then press enter.
  • Now, you will see the login credentials on the screen.
  • Hit the login button once after entering the required admin password.
  • The Wavlink utility page will display on your screen.
  • Therefore, click on the dashboard management option.
  • As a result, enter the current password in the Admin password space.
  • Press the save button to secure the password, therefore click on the save button.

Relocate The Device To New Location 

If you have any confusion still left with your Wavlink Router Setup then, you can try to relocate it. Yes, sometimes the location of the existing device plays a very huge role in the setup of the device. For example- the signals may vary from one location to the other one. So pointing the device to some good location can matter a lot in that case. What you need to do is change the location as per the signal availability. First, check on which location the signals are correct and in which they are totally lost. So keep them in reach always. 

Some Takeaways To Prevent The Setup Issue 

Always check whether the internet is at work or not.

Verify the network list before joining the wifi networks.

The electric socket must not be broken and there should be a proper electric supply. 

Internet suppliers should also be in a proper and active connection. 

Ensure to check the strong blue LED light on the extender. 

Put the login credentials exactly as given in the series. 

Lastly, the location of the device matters a lot so make sure to put the device in the right location. 

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