Rohit Sharma: Complete List of International Centuries

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One of the best players Rohit Sharma has bagged many records and achieved the place of  3rd most 100s scoring batsman in all the formats of cricket who have scored more than 16k runs in his career with the help of 44 centuries in International cricket.  By grabbing enormous hitting talents he has become the most desirable batsman among cricket lovers and has scored about 30 centuries in ODI, 9 in test matches, and 4 in T20 cricket.

Completing his 9th-century against Australia, in 117 balls made him the exclusive fourth batter to score centuries as a captain in all the versions of cricket.

If you are keen to know about rohit sharma odi centuries, then you are in the right place.

In today’s post, we will discuss all about it that you wish to know. So, let’s have a look at it.

About Rohit Sharma’s Centuries

Undoubtedly, Rohit Sharma is the latest cricket icon in the world of cricket who kickstarted his international career in 2007 against South Africa in the T 20 world cup and grabbed his first century just after 4 years of his cricket career. Despite having less footwork, he is able to achieve so many tons by hitting boundaries and sixes in his math and becoming a threat to the opponent team.

Appearing in about 376 matches in international cricket in about eight years he has scored about 40 international centuries in his cricket career. When it comes to rohit sharma centuries

he has become the only 2nd Indian player in Cricket who scored a double century in ODI.

It is pretty interesting to know that he has scored all 4 centuries in T-20 cricket when he plays as an opener and the most fascinating 200 runs he scored against Srilanka.

List of Rohit Sharma ODI Centuries

Here is the list of rohit sharma odi centuries,

Sr. no. Runs Opponent Result (India)
114 Zimbabwe Lost
101* Sri Lanka Won
141* Australia Won
209 Australia Won
264 Sri Lanka Won
138 Australia Lost
137 Bangladesh Won
150 South Africa Lost
171* Australia Lost
124 Australia Lost
123* Bangladesh Won
124* Sri Lanka Won
104 Sri Lanka Won
125 Australia Won
147 New Zealand Won
208* Sri Lanka Won
115 South Africa Won
137* England Won
111* Pakistan Won
152* West Indies Won
162 West Indies Won
133 Australia Lost
122* South Africa Won
140 Pakistan Won
102 England Lost
104 Bangladesh Won
103 Sri Lanka Won
159 West Indies Won
119 Australia Won
101 New Zealand Won

Rohit Sharma Centuries in Test Matches

  177 West Indies won
111* West Indies won
102* Sri Lanka Won
176 South Africa Won
127 South Africa Won
212 South Africa Won
161 England Won
127 England Won
118 Australia 

Rohit Sharma Centuries in T2o

106 South Africa Lost
118 Sri Lanka Won
100* England Won
111* West Indies Won

(Note: Symbol * is for unbeaten)

That’s all! we have provided you with a complete list of rohit sharma centuries, in this post.


All of his hundreds have been a testament to his batting prowess and match-winning ability. Rohit Sharma has accumulated immense experience in international cricket, and his power-hitting, technique, and temperament have improved over the years. He is rightly considered a modern-day legend of the game. The cricketing fraternity expects many more hundreds to come from him, and it will be exciting to watch him play in the future.” Apart from this you can get the other information Like king of ipl, who is the G.O.A.T of cricket according to indian perspective, and other more alike from

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