Rabbit Care Tips For A Perfect Rabbit’s Cage

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Not everyone is lucky to have a rabbit as a pet. But when you are, it makes sense to ensure that your furry friend is having everything he needs for well-being. For example, you must know where bunnies like to be pets as well as the other pet rabbit supplies. Apart from this, setting up a cage for rabbits can also ensure that your pet rabbit has all that they need is essential for rabbit care. In this blog, we’re going to bring some very useful tips to ensure your rabbit is comfortable in the cage.

Ensure enough space to hop around – if you’ve seen rabbits in cartoons or in the outdoors, you’d know that rabbits love to keep jumping around everywhere they wish to. So, when you have a pet rabbit, it is important that you get a cage that is six times the length of your rabbit. You can find a good cage at the local store that sells bunny pet supplies. If the cage is too small, it will limit the movement of your pet, which can also make them feel sad and physically sick. Additionally, you can also choose to build a cage from wire storage cubes and zip ties.

Do not use mesh or wire for the lining – While using mesh or wire can seem a very easy way to create a cage for your pet rabbit, it is highly suggested to avoid it because it can hurt the rabbit’s sensitive feet and can cause an infection or sore hocks. You can use hay or rabbit-safe material to scatter around the cage for a comfortable experience for your pet. Make sure to get the best bunny pet supplies for creating a cage because rabbits are sensitive creatures and can get hurt easily. To be on the safer side, you can also use hay and shredded newspaper.

Know your rabbit’s habits – All rabbits look the same; they’re cute, furry, and adaptable. But one thing you must know about rabbits is that they are not the same or have the same habits. Before you start to put them inside the cage, it is very important that you know your pets closely and understand their habits or liking. For example, rabbits tend to go to the bathroom as they eat, which means it’s wise to put the litter box under the hay rack. Another important thing to keep in mind is knowing the basics such as using grass hey for feeding can help them grow healthy. Make sure to get the suitable hey from a local rabbit supply store that deals with bunny pet supplies.

Place a water bowl or bottle – One thing that not many people may know about rabbits as pets is that they can drink water from both bottles and bowls. The mode you choose will determine the amount your pet gets to stay hydrated. The only difference here is the amount of effort you’ll need to put in to keep the water clean. For example, a bowl is very easy to clean and replace water, but at the same time, using a hanging water bottle helps prevent any food from going inside the bottle. Whatever you place to choose inside the cage, it is suggested to check it periodically throughout the day to ensure that nothing has landed in the water.

Give them toys to play with – If you’re an owner of a rabbit, you’d already know that these small furry pets are full of energy and like to play a lot, throughout the day. When you are going to put them inside the cage for a long time, make sure that you provide them with enough toys to keep them entertained and occupied until you can play with them. Remember that nothing can replace your love so always try to spend as much as time you can with them. Playing with your rabbits helps create a personal bond between the human and the pet.

Give them something to chew – They have long teeth and they always have a desire to chew something. If you don’t want them to chew your shoes, sofa covers or anything else, make sure to provide them with something to get their teeth on. Visit a local rabbit supply store to get things that are safe and place them inside their cage. If you don’t want to buy, don’t worry as there are many things you can easily find inside your home such as toilet paper rolls, phone books, cardboard boxes, etc. Additionally, you can also give them a few Apple Sticks to munch on.

Include something to crawl on – Now, many people will argue that this point is already covered under the part where we discussed giving toys to your rabbit, but the fact is that this is something different. Rabbits are known to be skittish, so you can let them hide inside something when they need or feel scared. This will make them feel good, especially when you’re not around. So, get something they can crawl on when scarred.

Ensure a cozy place – A cage for your rabbit is not just a cage, it’s going to be his or her home. This is where your pet rabbit will spend most of the time, which is why it makes sense to create a cozy and comfortable place for them to stay. For a better experience, it is suggested that you have everything inside the cage to feel relaxed. You can lay down a towel, blanket, or rabbit bed.

So when you have a pet rabbit and want to ensure making living a comfortable experience, we hope these tips will help in a way or more. For additional support, it is suggested to consult with a professional to know about the best pet rabbit supplies or simply know where bunnies like to be pets. Your goal should be to provide them with the best experience that you can.

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