Quick Yet Effective Merchandizing Tips for Electronic Stores

Quick Yet Effective Merchandizing Tips for Electronic Stores

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What is the first thing you notice in a store? The whole idea of going to a store is to pick the product you want. Now, think of going to an electronic goods store. You want to see all the products on display. Perhaps you want to try using the smartphone or see how the laptop works.


As a store owner, you are responsible for displaying the products efficiently. Perhaps acrylic risers for display will be useful in this case. We’ve got some more ideas for you, so dive right in as we share effective merchandizing tips for electronic stores. You know you have to create the perfect atmosphere as a retailer, so read this full post. 


Tips For Electronic Store Owners 


#1 When customers walk into the store, they want to feel like they walked into Treasure Island. You want them to feel they’ve got lots to choose from. And no, you should not keep the store cluttered because electronic items need to be displayed neatly. 


You must create focal points within the store. Invest in racks, shelves, and wall fixtures everywhere to showcase all the electronic goods. Racks and wall units will be a great addition to showcase all the small electronic items.


#2 Acrylic risers are plain, so the customer will focus on the product and not the display rack. Risers come in sets, so you can showcase all the products like phones, tablets, and smaller gadgets on these. They are quite durable too, so these risers will last for many years to come. 


#3 Counters, tables, and demonstration bars are a must. Most electronic stores showcase all kinds of devices, but they also have to be concerned about the security of these products. There should be some kind of restraint to safeguard the products, but it should allow enough room for the user to check out the gadget. 


#4 Use compelling colors to create an appealing visual impact. The idea is to draw attention to the display racks and kiosks. You can use the colors of the brand logo. But please ensure you showcase a unique personality through the colors you choose. 


#5 Standalone displays for smartphones and other small gadgets are useful. Check out the options you have on the supplier’s page. You can opt for unique racks and displays to garner the attention of your audience. 


#6 The display should tell a story. Feel free to use add-ons to create an appealing corner. It will help you sell the products efficiently. Create a compelling corner where the customers can look around and develop some keen interest. Add-ons would be a great addition because keen shoppers might indulge in impulse buys when they get the billing done. 


#7 You must display all the gadgets at eye level. The ideal level would be between your shoulders and the waist. In case there are gadgets for children such as video games and mini laptops, consider placing them at a lower level or the kid’s eye level. This will help the kids get a book look at the product. After all, they are your target audience. If they cannot see the gadget, then there is no point. 

#8 Use effective lighting all over the store. You may use spotlights too to focus on different gadgets. Spotlights also help draw attention to the featured products and all the sale items. Make sure the customers can see where the sale items are. 

#9 Feel free to use digital signage or printed signage to highlight all the product features, reviews, and ratings. You can invest in digital screens that showcase all the demos. This can attract many customers, and they might end up purchasing a much more expensive product from your store. Skip using animated displays – they are very old-school. 

#10 You must change the displays every week or two. This will make the customers think you take your work seriously. Customers will get a new reason to return to your store. Give them something exciting and new. They should look forward to returning to your thriving electronic goods store. 

#11 Put an attractive SALE sign board outside the store. Present the sale items on racks and risers for your customers to see what is on discount. 

#12 Take photographs of the displays and see how they look from a customer’s perspective. You may also put a survey on social media whether your display looks enticing. Getting the customer’s perspective is essential. This will also gather their attention because customers want to feel included. You can let them feel included by taking their opinion through surveys, and polls, and starting a discussion through the comment section on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 


If you find these merchandizing tips helpful, use them and build a thriving electronic goods store. Shoppers can experience all the electronic devices when you put everything on display effectively. Make sure you also keep the security of the products in mind when purchasing displays for the store. 

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