Play Slashy in your Free Time and Relieve all your Anxieties

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Slashy – A Hyper Casual Game is all that you can ask for in a mobile game. The drill is pretty easy. Just burst the discs present on the screen by use of slices. The slices keep on popping up on your landing page and you just have to arrange them accordingly. With many astounding levels of difficulty, Slashy keeps on becoming much more interesting as you proceed into the game. Moreover, the nature of the discs also contribute to making it a total entertainment package. Playing a 5 minute round of Slashy will make you forget your anxieties. 

I’ll let you know more about this engaging mobile app in the following paragraphs. 

  • Lots of Levels or Stages in the Game

Slashy features more than 300 levels. The challenges in this game increase as you progress through the levels. The reasons for it might be very diverse. For illustration’s sake, let’s say there are three discs in the game’s initial level. A new disc is added to every level that comes at an odd number. 

Level 3 now features four discs instead of the previous three. The second and fourth levels contain three and four discs, respectively. Up until level 11, which has a total of eight discs, this continues. Three discs are present once more at level 13, and they continue to follow the same pattern all the way to the game’s conclusion.

  • The Interesting Props(Slices) in Slashy game

The designers of this gaming software put a lot of effort into making a game that is both fun and engaging. Once all twelve levels have been finished, a wide range of eye-catching props will be accessible.

It provides a wide range of props for players to choose from so they can advance in the game. Amazing props can include things like a football, a vinyl record, a kiwi slice, a button, kiwi slice, an orb, and a crystal ball, to name a few. Employ them all to make your levels more engaging. 

  • These Discs Do Some Rotation

The discs do in fact rotate. When you ascend the ladder of levels, these discs rotate and revolve in a manner similar to those of the planets in our solar system. They move both clockwise and anticlockwise around their own axes and the slice. As you move up the stages, the discs spin more quickly. In this sense, the levels become much more thrilling. 

  • Themes that You can Apply to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal

Slashy proposes three interesting themes. Default, Night, and Nature are these three themes.

Default: The sky blue backdrop hue represents the game’s default theme. Those who enjoy a calm, uncluttered environment would benefit from this background.

Nature: If you like to spend time outside, the “nature” theme is for you. The breathtaking view of the mountains and rivers also contributes to the players’ enjoyment and revitalizes the game experience.

Night: The last theme features a beautiful starry night backdrop. In fact, the gloomy, somewhat purple surroundings are calming to the eyes and improve focus.

  • The Timer and the Movesets

The difficulty level in this game is increased by a few restrictions. It is not at all entertaining if a level takes an eternity to complete. As a result, some restrictions are placed in place to heighten the rush and make it more enjoyable. There are stringent limits on the movesets that can be used to complete a level.

After specified move sets have been utilized, the game will end. However, don’t worry. The game’s restricted movesets will no longer apply to you once you reach level 49. Instead, a timer will be used. The movesets will once more take the place of the timer after Level 96. This timer will run until that point. It will resume alternating after a 49-level pause.

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To conclude, Slashy is probably going to be your favorite mobile game in light of the aforementioned. Do not be concerned about your children’s smartphone usage. Simply provide them Slashy so they can kill time. Naturally, don’t allow kids to play for too long. You can play it in your leisure time as well. To begin enjoying the process of popping discs, just download Slashy from the Play Store or the App Store. 


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