Paraulogic: See tips and the best words to start.

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Welcome to the exciting world of Paraulogic! Have you ever struggled to develop new and creative words in your favourite word games? Look no further than Paraulogic, a brilliant game that challenges players to create dishes using only the most common letters in the Catalan language. In this blog post, we’ll cover some helpful tips for playing Paraulogic and some alternative games you can try. So get ready to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your skills – let’s dive into Paraulogic!

What is Paraulogic

Paraulogic is a fun and challenging word game that tests your vocabulary skills. It’s perfect for those who love puzzles, crosswords, and other brain teasers. The game’s objective is to create as many words as possible using a set of letters provided. The game can be played alone or with friends, making it a great way to spend time improving your language abilities. Whether you’re looking to learn new words or challenge yourself, Paraulogic offers plenty of entertainment value.

The only thing you need to play Paraulogic is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Once you’ve accessed the website or app, choose your preferred language and start playing. Paraulogic is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp while having fun at the same time. So if you’re looking for something challenging yet entertaining to do in your spare time, try this word game!

Use the most common letters in the Catalan Language.

When playing Paraulogic, it’s essential to remember the most common letters used in the Catalan language. This will give you a better chance of coming up with words that fit the game’s rules and are easy for your opponent to guess. The top five most frequently used letters in Catalan are A, E, I, O and S. These letters should be your go-to when starting a new word. Having these letters at the beginning of a term can also trigger more ideas as you continue playing.

However, limit yourself to more than just these letters. Thinking outside the box and using other less common letters is essential. This will increase your chances of surprising your opponent with a random word. Additionally, try using prefixes or suffixes that commonly appear in Catalan words, such as “in-“, “des-“, or “-meant”. Not only do they add variety to your gameplay, but they also make it easier for you to come up with more words on the fly.

By keeping these tips in mind when playing Paraulogic, you’ll have an advantage over your opponents and be able to come up with creative and challenging words every time!

Try Paraulogic Alternatives as Well

If you are a fan of word games and have already tried Paraulogic, why not explore other alternatives as well? There are plenty of similar games out there that will keep your mind sharp and entertained. One such game is Palabreto, which also involves forming words from a given set of letters. The twist in this game is that the letters change after every turn, making it more challenging. It’s perfect for those who want to add more difficulty to their word games.

Another alternative worth checking out is Berbaxerka. This game has a unique concept where players form words using tiles that have different point values assigned to them. Players can earn bonuses by creating longer or more complex expressions.

Trying different word games can be a fun way to challenge yourself while expanding your vocabulary. Who knows – you might find your new favourite game!


Palabreto is another fun word game you can play with friends and family. It’s similar to Paraulogic but with a few different rules. Instead of making the longest word possible, in Palabreto, you’re trying to create as many words as possible from a set of letters. To start the game, one person randomly chooses seven letters and announces them to everyone else playing. Then, players have five minutes to try and develop as many words as possible using only those letters.

The player who comes up with the most words after five minutes wins! It’s a great way to test your vocabulary skills while having fun at the same time. One thing I love about Palabreto is that it encourages creativity. You never know what kind of obscure or unique words someone might use during gameplay. Plus, it’s fast-paced and exciting – perfect for parties or gatherings where you want something quick and easy to play.

If you’re looking for a new word game to add to your collection, try Palabreto!


Berbaxerka is another word game that may be worth trying if you’re a fan of Paraulogic. It’s also a Catalan language-based game, but Berbaxerka allows players to use any letter as long as it can form a word in Catalan instead of using the most common letters. The game aims to create words and score points based on length and difficulty. However, Berbaxerka can be more challenging than Paraulogic since more notes are available.

One unique feature of Berbaxerka is its “joker” tiles. These tiles have no letter value but can substitute any letter when forming words. As a result, the game becomes even more exciting and adds a layer of strategy. Berbaxerka is an excellent alternative for those who want to try something new or find Paraulogic too easy. This word game will keep you entertained and challenged with its flexible rules and joker tiles!

These are the best words to start the game.

When playing Paraulogic, the most crucial part is getting started with a strong word. You want to choose something that will give you plenty of options for building off it. Here are some ideas for the best terms to start your game. First, consider using some common prefixes or suffixes as your starting point. Words like “re-” or “-action” can be great choices because they give you room to add letters and create longer terms.

Another option is to choose a more specific noun or verb with plenty of potential for variations. For example, “apple” may seem simple at first glance but can lead to words like “applesauce,” “applejack,” and more. Feel free to get creative with your starting word choice! Try an obscure term or something related to personal interest – anything that sparks inspiration and gives you a solid foundation for building out your answers in this exciting Catalan language game.


To sum up, Paraulogic is a fun and engaging word game that challenges your vocabulary skills. Using the most common letters in the Catalan language, you can create unique words and compete against friends to see who has the best vocabulary. However, alternative games like Palabreto and Berbaxerka offer similar gameplay with different rules if you want to switch things up or try something new.

No matter which game you choose to play, remember to have fun while expanding your vocabulary. With these tips and the best words to start your next round of Paraulogic, you’re sure to impress your opponents with your linguistic prowess. So what are you waiting for? Gather some friends and get ready for a thrilling wordplay adventure!

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