original Casio G Shock
original Casio G Shock

How to distinguish between a fake and original Casio G Shock

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Casio is the leading Japanese brand which has a legacy of manufacturing the most enticing electronic gadgets. One of its most popular products, that created a craze across the world has been the G Shock watch, which was first introduced in the year 1983. The USP of this watch is the use of sophisticated technology encased in a rugged yet modern body. The watch is designed to bear the most brutal shocks. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is amongst the toughest watch ever developed. G Shock is an ideal watch for outdoors, military and sports.

Counterfeiters are ruining the Casio brand name and trustworthiness by selling phoney low-quality replicas of G Shock in many countries. But, after reading this you will be able to differentiate a fake Casio G Shock from a real one. You can perform some checks by observing and executing the following points:

The packaging

Packaging is one way to identify a fake G Shock. A fake one will come in an aluminium box, but the original G Shock comes in an aluminium box which is encased in a cardboard box. Even though this may not verify a product’s authenticity, but it gives relief to the buyer.

The tag and manual

A two-page pamphlet, half written in Chinese can never be an instruction manual which comes with a fake G Shock. Original Casio G Shock comes with a complete instruction manual with intricate details about the product. More to it the original watch comes with a tag with a code which can be tallied with the one mentioned on the MRP sticker. The watch can also be verified by registering the code on Casio’s website.

Watch Buckle

You may find it difficult to distinguish between the buckle of fake and original G Shock but on closer inspection, you will be able to catch a duplicate product. The buckle of an original G Shock is quite shiny with ‘CASIO CHINA’ written on the back side whereas, the fake one will have a matte finish with ‘CASIO JAPAN’ written on it.

The Back Plate and Screws

This is another important differentiator. The real one is deeply engraved but in a fake watch, the case is not the same. Moreover, in the original backplate the model no. is written correctly but in the fake product, it is not written correctly-check for spelling errors and typos. In addition, the screws on the real watch are bigger as compared to ones in fake product.

Check the lights

The colour of watch light is the same in both the real and fake watch but, the intensity and colour temperature are different in fake and real watch.

Check the hands

This check is not applicable on G Shocks as some variants have single coloured shiny hands but the variants with different coloured hands can be tested. In the genuine products the ends of hands are painted with different colours but in replicas, the central portion is painted with one colour and the rest with another colour.

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This is a very important point. For example, the original G Shock camouflage series has a reverse lit display whereas a fake one has a normal display. Although other models may also have a normal display, so it is very difficult to spot the difference.

As counterfeiters now have more access to latest technology they are coming with replicas which are cloned copies of the original products. There are chances that even the above-mentioned checks may become futile in near future therefore, it is better to buy a G Shock from an authorised dealer.

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