Oilfield Operations Management Software: A Game Changer

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Managing an oilfield service or rental company is a tough job that requires excellent planning, communication, and coordination skills. Rental fleet and workforce utilization, field activity, and customer service requests are some of the daily challenges faced by operations and rental fleet/asset managers. However, with the advent of Operations management software, managing these tasks has become much easier. In this blog post, we will discuss how operations management software can help streamline the daily operations of an oilfield service or rental company.

Inventory and Equipment Management

Managing inventory and equipment is one of the most time-consuming tasks in an oilfield service or rentals company. With the help of operations management software, managers can easily manage their inventory, keep track of each piece of equipment, and know its availability, deployment status, and maintenance needs. They can also calculate rental days, manage inspections and repairs, and reserve equipment for a specific job.

Field Services and Dispatching

Operations management software allows managers to create electronic field tickets, schedule and dispatch jobs, and track time. They can see the availability of assets, schedule and manage jobs, and dispatch them to field technicians. This streamlines the entire process from quoting to invoicing and helps to ensure that all services are performed efficiently.

Business Analytics and Job Costing

Operations management software provides managers with reports and dashboards to help them make informed decisions and optimize costs. They can see operation results per each job, analyze profitability, and define the most profitable services. This information empowers managers to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.


In conclusion, operations management software is a game-changer for oilfield service or rental companies. It helps managers to manage their inventory and equipment, streamline field services and dispatching, and make informed decisions through business analytics and job costing. The RigER: Oilfield Services ERP is one such software that can help oilfield service or rental companies simplify their daily operations. Book a demo today to see how RigER can help you transform your business.

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