Norway Reach WWC Last 16 As Roman Haug Stars in Philippines Thrashing

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Norway completed an unbeaten Group A campaign as Roman Haug scored three times against the Philippines to seal their win. Fullback Alicia Barker turned in her own cross into her own net while Haug converted a penalty kick to seal it all.

Norwegians took an early lead six minutes in through Bjelde’s lofted pass to Haug who scored with an eye-catching volley. Vilde Boe Risa and Graham Hansen also found ways to score before halftime was up.


After struggling in their opening two matches and seeing co-hosts New Zealand knocked out by Switzerland, Norway knew they needed a strong start against Philippines Group A opponent Sophie Roman Haug’s hat-trick was just what was needed to put Norway back in control of this Group A clash.

A 23-year-old striker opened scoring in the sixth minute with an eye-catching back post volley from Thea Bjelde’s cross, before adding another score eleven minutes later via Vilde Boe Risa’s corner kick.

Soon thereafter, Haug outfoxed her marker to power home Reiten’s shot despite Sofia Harrison’s red card; yet even with 10 players, Philippines could not put up much resistance; Haug was just inches away from scoring three but unfortunately missed her chance as late header went wide.

Haug’s hat-trick

Hege Riise’s side began the match without 2018 Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg due to a groin problem, yet Haug took advantage of her absence by scoring within six minutes with a spectacular back-post volley from Thea Bjelde corner kick and giving Hege Riise’s team an early advantage.

Norway defeated the Philippines 34-697 at Auckland’s Eden Park after two own goals from Alicia Barker and a Guro Reiten penalty deep into stoppage time secured their win in front of 34,697 fans. To add insult to injury for their opponent, substitute Sofia Harrison was shown red for her late tackle on Bjelde that earned her an instant red card from referee Richard Haigh.

Switzerland have emerged victorious from their group, leaving co-hosts New Zealand and Philippines both out of contention. Additionally, Hegerberg’s Norway will face off against whomever tops Group C next Saturday when Hegerberg heads back home.

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Reiten’s goal

Reiten may not make headlines with her scoresheet-shaking contributions, but her value to her team cannot be overstated. With an expert left foot that causes havoc for defenses, Reiten makes a decisive statement about its intent to claim silverware.

Reiten found her groove after an inconsequential start against Italy, taking advantage of an offside backline and cutting inside before curling a stunning first-time finish into the top corner.

Alicia Barker scored an own-goal, and Guro Reiten converted an instant penalty against 10 men as Sofia Harrison received her red card, for an eventual score of 6-0 to send debutantes packing from this tournament.

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Haug’s second

Norway needed a victory to advance to the knockout phase and they did it convincingly, joining Switzerland and sending co-host New Zealand out in round 2.

The opening goal came in the sixth minute when Thea Bjelde lofted a pass to Roman Haug who scored with an amazing back-post volley from Thea Bjelde’s pass. 11 minutes later Vilde Boe Risa’s right wing cross found its way into her net for Vilde Boe Risa to double their advantage with his header into goal from Vilde Boe Risa’s cross on her right wing for another goal by The 23-year-old Vilde Boe Risa then doubled their lead by heading in Vilde Boe Risa’s cross from right before taking out her team mates, leaving only Thea Bjelde left as she completed a win over her previous opponents by 10 goals out of 15 minutes remaining with Thea Bjelde making an initial pass into Roman Haug who powered home her back-post volley before doubled her performance 11 minutes later by Vilde Boe Risa from Vilde Boe Risa from right flank!

Graham Hansen misses with a long range shot in the 31st minute before Haug nearly scored with her sliding effort but it hit the post instead. Norway have another chance in extra time but Josendal sends her shot wide before the referee blows his whistle to end the match and Norway are triumphant!

Haug’s third

Sophie Roman Haug’s hat-trick ignited Norway’s dormant offense and they ran away with victory against the Philippines, who saw Sofia Harrison dismissed during their final match. While New Zealand and Switzerland exit the tournament unsatisfactorily, Filipinos can take heart in knowing they made as far as possible under Alen Stajcic.

86 min: Boe Risa crosses for Haug but her header goes high of the bar. 87 min: Norway have another opportunity as Graham Hansen crosses, but Mikalsen punches clear again. In the 89th minute Haug just missed out on scoring her third goal as she couldn’t get close enough to Engen’s excellent ball for another try at goal.

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