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Nail art designs for perfect manicures and pedicures

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The ideal approach to showcase your creativity and add some glitz to your manicure and pedicure is through nail art. You may create a distinctive and individualized appearance that expresses your personality and sense of style thanks to the wide variety of patterns and styles that nail art designs Oregon offers. We’ll look at some of the most well-liked nail art patterns for flawless manicures and pedicures in this post.

French tips

A timeless nail art style that never goes out of style is the French tip. Painting the tips of your nails white and leaving the rest natural or painted in a sheer pink or beige tint results in a straightforward yet exquisite design. Also, you may experiment with various hues and materials to give this a more contemporary feel.


A current and adaptable nail art style called ombre involves mixing two or more colors to produce a gradient effect. Use a sponge or a specific ombre brush to mix the colors to produce this effect. Every color scheme, from strong and vivid to soft and neutral, may be used for ombre.


Your manicure or pedicure will seem more feminine if you use floral nail art. You may make this pattern by hand painting the flowers or by using nail stamps. To create a distinctive and customized aesthetic, you may also experiment with various flower sizes and colors.


For people who want a contemporary and edgy appearance, geometric nail art is ideal. For this design, lines, and forms must be drawn with tape or using a stencil to ensure accuracy. To develop a distinctive and eye-catching design, you may play with various color schemes and geometric designs. You can have such an appealing design with Oregon’s nail art, so instead of DIY your nails have professional services to have the nails that compliment your personality. 

Animal image

Your manicure or pedicure will seem wilder and more lively with the addition of animal pattern nail art. You may apply the animal print to your nails by hand painting them or by using stamps. Try experimenting with various animal prints, including zebra, leopard, or snake, to produce a distinctive and individualized appearance. This classic yet modern way of painting nails is a constant trend regardless of the fashion era. 


Your manicure or pedicure will gleam with a little help from glitter nail art. From a slight shimmer to a full-on glitter explosion, you can create a range of distinct styles using glitter polish or loose glitter. With this option, you can have beautiful yet attractive designs with different colors and textures to create a unique appearance. To have a flawless glittery look for your nails it is better to have a manicure and pedicure from a professional nail tech like manicure and pedicure hillsboro.



A unique marbling tool is used to produce a swirling impression on your nails in the popular and opulent pattern known as marble nail art. This design allows you to experiment with different designs and create one-of-a-kind designs with different patterns or hues. You have the freedom to play with dark and light hues, so creating a new look within this marble frame is a great way to kick-start your nail game. 

Polka dotted

Painting tiny dots on your nails creates the whimsical and entertaining style known as polka dot nail art. To make the dots, use a toothpick or dotting tool, and experiment with various colors and sizes for a distinctive and individualized appearance.


Your manicure or pedicure will seem more upscale with the traditional nail art pattern of stripes. Using tape or a striping brush, you paint thin or thick stripes on your nails to create this look. To make a distinctive and captivating pattern, play around with different color schemes and stripe widths.

Nail art in 3D

The process of adding texture and dimension to your nails to create 3D nail art is entertaining and creative. Use nail gems, beads, or appliques to make this pattern for a range of styles, from modest and understated to bold and dramatic. The dept this design offers for your nails helps create an attractive illusion for your nails. 


Adding nail art to your manicure and pedicure is a creative and enjoyable way to give them a little flair. You may create a distinctive and individualized appearance that showcases your sense of fashion and creativity thanks to the wide variety of designs and styles available. With My Aria nails and spa, you can have a variety of nails services that you can’t easily get from anywhere else.

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