Mysterious X next to the Snapchat name
Mysterious X next to the Snapchat name

Mysterious X next to the Snapchat name

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Mysterious X next to the Snapchat name

Shortcuts and acronyms are a norm in social media applications. To show something quirky, to save time and screen space, the user’s ingenuity comes into play. A new acronym thrown together online can be meaningless to most people.

But for latecomers or newcomers, this may be too much. It makes them feel like they are in an alien world. So, from the newest emoticons to this truncated shape, there are thousands of interpretations to understand.

For example, consider the X next to the name Snapchat 2022. If you are seeing it for the first time and have no idea of ​​the context, you can interpret it in any way and give it a random meaning. It’s all based on your pre-existing knowledge of the icon and its placement on the screen.

The same thing happened to us and let’s find out exactly what it is in this section below.

What does the X mean in Snapchat?

As many people are confused by this new addition and are asking why there is an X next to someone on Snapchat, is it a virus, a bug, an issue of concern, or a benign glitch? To your surprise, the answer is quite simple.

If you go to your profile and go to the chat page. There it will show you a list of all your current and ongoing conversations with people you have been added with. For example, if your last exchange was with someone you received a picture of, there will be a camera icon next to their name.

If the last interaction you had with your added partner on Snapchat was an exchange of words, you’ll see a chat icon next to their name there. But some people find an X instead of a camera or chat icon. What Does The X Mean On Snapchat?

What is the X next to Snapchat?

Now, if you also see an X next to the Snapchat name, it simply means that that particular person has sent you a friend request that you haven’t checked yet. That is, it is in a suspended state. So what can you do about it?

Now when you tap on the name two buttons will be displayed. The first one is “OK”, which means you accept the request and have the “Report or Block” button. After clicking on it, you can report or block that person.

Or when you see X’s name in Snapchat, you can directly tap on it and it will bring up some other options from the chat screen. This means you can use this method to block, report or delete the conversation from here.

This means we have turned it on. Now you don’t have to ask what this X is doing next to this Snapchat name here if you ever see it again. It’s not a bug or anything. It’s here to tell you that someone has sent you a friend request and the ball is in your court to make a decision.


The confusing X next to the Snapchat name on your screen should no longer confuse you. We’ve broken down what it shows and what you can do the next time you see it on your screen. That new friend request indicator on Snapchat shouldn’t bother you anymore. Thanks for reading. Refined Sugar price 

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