trade show exhibit design companies
trade show exhibit design companies

Maximize Impact and Visibility with Eye-Catching 20×40 Booth Designs

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One of the perfect trade show booth sizes that can be used to make an impactful and impressive exhibition stand among the audience is a trade show exhibit. Why exhibitors should purchase a display for a trade show of this size because of many reasons this stand does not cost very much while build as well as the rent at the convention center or exhibition center will be relatively low.

But still, the 20×40 booth design is not very popular among the exhibitors and the reason behind this is the lack of knowledge on how to make a perfect booth of this size. Here are some of the best tips to make the best exhibition and trade show display ideas in a 20×40 space:

Optimize the Space:

In a 20×40 space, every square foot is valuable. The trade show booths 20×40 is size that is small and big at the same time. Use minimal and multipurpose elements such as furniture in your booth that can serve more than one need. For example, use bar stools instead of chairs as visitors can stand or sit on them.

Create Zones:

Zoning is a must if you have a size of 20×40. Demarcate the space into zones for multiple functionalities such as reception, product display, meeting area, storage, etc. This helps to organize the different functions and also makes the space look bigger.

Use a Minimalistic Design:

A minimalist custom trade show booth manufacturer with clean lines, limited furniture, and accent lighting helps the space look uncluttered and roomy. This design will also give your booth a modern look as well as it also puts the focus on your products and brand message.

Incorporate Natural Light:

Lighting is also an important part that cannot be skipped doing something amazing. Use spotlights or track lighting to create pools of light in specific areas. Also, have an adequate task and ambient lighting.

Natural and bright lighting makes the space look more open and inviting. Also psychologically good lightning makes a positive impact in the mind of the visitors.

Extend the Height:

Use furnishings and exhibits that extend from floor to ceiling. For example, have tall product displays, moss walls, branded walls, etc. A taller and more cohesive design adds volume to the space.

Multi-level Space:


If possible, you can have a double-decker exhibit display companies that will provide you with ample room space to add some more sections in your both.

Use the vertical space and include a second level or raised platform in your booth design. A multi-level space accommodates more elements and provides different vantage points for interaction and display.

Include Graphics and Visuals:

Large graphics, brand colors, and visuals help make a big impact in a small space. Place them strategically so they are visible from a distance and captivate visitors. Also, make sure that they will not make a negative impact if there are too many of them then people may not like it.

Ensure Ease of Flow:

Arrange the furniture and exhibits in a way that visitors can easily navigate and flow through the space. As the 20×40 booth design is 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep so make arrangements accordingly. There should be no dead-ends or cramped corners. A smooth visitor flow keeps the space feeling open.

Limit Literature:

Do not clutter the space with too much-printed literature, flyers, or giveaways. Curb the paperwork to a minimum and instead focus on digital promotional materials where possible.


Ensure you have sufficient concealed storage space within the booth to keep excess materials, giveaways, personal belongings, trash, etc. Proper storage helps keep the booth uncluttered during the show.

These tips can help you design an impactful yet minimalistic exhibition booth even in a compact 20×40 space. Make the most of the space through smart space planning and furnishing choices. Choose a trade show builder that has experience in making the trade show booth design this way.

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