M3M The Cullinan-sector 94 Noida

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M3M The Cullinan in sector 94 Noida is an RERA-registered housing society, therefore end users and investors may find all project details on the state RERA website. This project’s RERA registration number is UPRERAPRJ442214.

One of the well-known real estate companies in Noida is M3M India. So far, the builder has completed 25 projects. There are about six upcoming projects. This builder currently has 21 projects in various stages of completion.

Continue reading to learn more about important features, M3M The Cullinan Photos, Floor Plans, Payment Plans, how to obtain the project’s brochure, and other fascinating details.

Features & Amenities

  • Over 11 acres, the project is located.
  • There are approximately 312 units available.
  • There are four towers totaling 39 stories in the Cullinan Sector 94 housing society.
  • M3M The Cullinan Noida boasts a variety of fantastic amenities, including a food court, a pool, and a lounge.
  • Sector 94’s Aditya Techpark is a well-known landmark.
  • The Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station, Botanical Garden Metro Station, and Kalindi Kunj Metro Station are a few of the busiest stops nearest to M3M The Cullinan in sector 94 noida . The closest metro station to this site is Okhla bird sanctuary.
  • A respectable infrastructure is available in Sector 94. There are 3 educational institutions close by. In close proximity to this site, there are approximately 11 medical care facilities.

M3M The Cullinan Floor Plans and Price List

This housing society has the following property options available in different configurations. Take a look at M3M  sector 94 noida -The Cullinan Floor Plans and Price List:


Configuration Size Price
M3M The Cullinan 3BHK Apartment 3,200 sq.ft. Rs. 6.70 Cr onwards
M3M The Cullinan 4BHK Apartment 4,200 sq.ft. Rs. 8.84 Cr onwards
M3M The Cullinan 5 BHK Apartment 6,100 sq.ft. Rs. 12.9 Cr onwards


Q. How is Sector 94, Noida for buying a home?

The Noida Greater Noida Expressway’s Top 90 localities rate this area at number 25. The following are a few Sector 94 highlights:

  • Along Noida Expressway
  • Near Metro Station
  • Top Hospitals Nearby
  • Planned Elevated Road

Sector 94 had an overall rating from its current residents of 3.7 out of 5. 


Towers 4
Floors 39
Units 312
Total project area 11 acres(44.52k sp.m.)


      1 . LIVING/DINING/FOYER/FAMILY LOUNGE Floor Marble/ wooden flooring / anti-skid tiles Walls Plaster            with paint Ceiling Plaster with paint.

  1. MASTER BEDROOM/DRESSROOM Floor Wooden flooring/ anti- skid tiles Walls Plaster with paint Ceiling Plaster with paint.

  1. MASTER TOILET Floor Anti-skid tiles Walls Tiles Ceiling Paint finish Counters Wash basin with counter Sanitary ware/cp fittings standard make chinaware & cp fittings Fitting/fixtures Standard make fitting /fixtures.
  2. BED ROOMS Floor Wooden flooring/ anti- skid tiles Walls Plaster with paint Ceiling Plaster with paint.

  1. TOILET Floor Anti-skid tiles Walls Tiles Ceiling Paint finish above wall tiles Counters Washbasin with counter Sanitary ware/cp fittings Standard make chinaware & cp fittings Fixtures Standard make fitting /fixtures.

      6 . KITCHEN Floor Anti-skid tiles Walls Tiles up to 2 feet above the counter and plaster with paint Ceiling Paint              Counters Stone top counter Fixtures Sink and cp fittings of standard make & model.

     7 . UTILITY ROOMS/UTILITY BALCONY/TOILET Floor Anti-skid tiles Walls & ceiling Plaster with paint Toilet              Walls: tiles Floor: tiles Ceiling: paint Balcony Anti-skid tiles .

     8 . SIT-OUTS if Applicable Floor Anti-skid tiles Walls & ceiling Durable exterior grade paint Railings Glass with             MS/SS railing.

  1. EXTERIOR Walls Durable exterior grade paint       quick read 

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