Life Skills that must be part of College Curriculum

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Life skills are the most important skill that you must have learnt from your parents, friends and mentors but you will not get them in college. Facing failures in academics, or in relationships can often leave us feeling lonely and depressed. We don’t have anyone who understands us when we feel low in situations. Managing stress levels must be our utmost priority but we don’t bother about mental health.

Life skills are very much required to be developed. Skills are categorized into professional skills and personal skills. Your behaviour, attitude and thought processes are driven by your personality. We generally think very dementedly we never get involved in the problems that are associated with us. Look at your thinking pattern and notice how distorted, deviated and distracted you think. Our parents, teachers and peers put out arguments and statements that don’t go in line with our positions so we don’t listen to them. If we had been taught life skills then we must have ruminated about their perspective also.

Education is to make a person’s personality multifaceted it’s not just to build knowledge and skills. If you have a sturdy personality then you can achieve anything. We must induct life skills in students.  This education system doesn’t depart ethical and moral values. The English education system was based on developing individuals by skilling them. These skills can be inculcated by making students work hard in the subject matter. Life skills include creativity, critical thinking, analytical skills, developing problem-solving skills, decision-making, ability to communicate and collaborate. Life skills are basic skills that will enable you to handle any situation in a more mature way.

It will help you to be rational in all situations. It will make you confident and will make you strong from the inside. Your belief and value system will be in line with the realities. These skills can also be inculcated by parents. It also depends on how you will train the individual. The kind of environment that you will get definitely going to shape you whether you will be blithe in your approach or perfunctory in your approach.

Cognitive Competencies: Cognitive competence can be attained through struggle if you don’t have these values from birth. Then you must have been tamed in a manner to realize and understand the value of hard work and that is must so make sure that you develop cognitive competence in your early years of college.

Creativity and Innovation: We are expected to be a bookworm in our college and school which suppresses our creativity and innovation. The digitization of education in the last decade has engulfed all aspects of creativity and innovation in the curriculum but that will not be enough we have to implement its use cases for imparting skills. As we harness more and more technological innovations in education we are going to drive these changes further.

Personality: We generally don’t focus on shaping personalities. We don’t put our effort in designing courses in a way that develops the resilient personality of an individual and builds the acumen to get a job based on the skills acquired.

Compassion and Empathy: We must develop sensitivity and be empathetic towards the opposite gender, elders and environment. Compassion and empathy are the two traits of a leader.

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