Panasonic Heavy Iron

Know the Amazing Qualities of this Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT

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Panasonic has long offered a large iron to help you iron your garments. The standard Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT Malaysia, 1000w is devoid of any extra bells and whistles. When ironing out garments, weightiness gives a benefit. Additionally, it uses 1000 Watts to heat the filament, which then heats the metallic plate. Additionally, a heat adjuster is connected to it so you may choose the ideal temperature for the fabric of your clothing.

The manufacturer says the iron is created in Malaysia and offers a one-year warranty to attest to its durability.

Heavy Duty Dry Iron

The Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT offers a standard iron without any extra bells and whistles, simply 1000 Watts of power. Its weight makes it more effective in removing creases from garments. As a result, the metal plate is heated by 1000 Watts of power, with the remaining work being completed by the weight of the iron. With just a little movement of the iron and no additional pressure from pressing it down, it becomes simple to remove all creases. It will therefore be the ideal companion for those who prefer to keep things straightforward and traditional.

Trusted from Years

This Panasonic Heavy iron NI-22AWT is an antique that has been in use in homes for many years. Because of its straightforward operating principles and the confidence that people have in it, it is more dependable. One year of warranty, according to the company. Heavy Iron Malaysia NI-22AWT prices in Pakistan are reasonable and inexpensive.

Ergonomic Design

The Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT comes with an adjustable handle that offers a secure grip. The iron’s swivel cord allows effortless glide. The distinctive form provides even finishing and reaches the corners of your fabric.

Safe Operations

An adjustable knob on the strong iron enables you to control the temperature. It has a non-stick soleplate that moves easily across all materials.

Easy to Use

For every family, a heavy weight dry iron is essential. It has the ability to iron firmly and strongly. It is perfect for ironing large and bulky textiles, such as drapes or tablecloths. It features a temperature dial that allows you to set the heat according to the fabric being used. It expedites lengthy and challenging ironing tasks and is simple to use.

Variable Dial Temperature

With the changeable dial temperature control, you may adjust the heat level to suit the needs of various fabric kinds. By letting you know when the necessary temperature has been attained or when the job is complete, the indicator light helps you navigate the procedure. In conclusion, if you want perfectly ironed clothes that reflect your positive personality without sacrificing efficiency, choose this amazing dry iron with its advanced features that combine traditional reliability with modern functionality. This adds convenience and ensures that your clothes are not overheated or under-ironed. Now With this powerful iron designed to simplify your life, you can make your clothes wrinkle-free.

Non-stick Coated Soleplate

This Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT can easily slide over any cloth due to its premium non-stick soleplate.

Heavyweight Body

This dry iron’s weighty design guarantees that it will neatly and easily iron your garments without leaving any creases or wrinkles.

Big Secured Grip with Thumb’s Rest

Additionally, for added stability while in use, this dry iron has a heel rest stand-by position. Its large, comfortable grip with thumb rest guarantees a stable grasp while reducing hand fatigue. Despite its bulky construction, it perfectly ensures crease-free outcomes. With its advanced technology, this dry iron effectively removes stubborn creases from your garments while performing admirably.

Additional Features

Your ironing area will stay tidy and organised thanks to the expanded rear cover’s convenient cord storage. The ergonomic handle’s easy-grip design makes it possible for you to control the iron with ease. It is a sturdy, heat-resistant plastic that is made entirely from new PP or Bakelite material. The full-length button groove facilitates reaching buttons and seams without endangering your clothing. For safe use, this dry iron also has a cotton cord that can withstand heat. You can modify the heat to suit your demands with the simple temperature settings lever.

1-Year Warranty

Panasonic, a well-known consumer electronics company, stands by the quality and longevity of the Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT. The iron is made in Malaysia and has a one-year warranty. Consequently, it illustrates Panasonic’s dedication to client happiness and the dependability of their goods.

Final Remarks

M&S Electronics always try to provide their customers with the best products. Panasonic Heavy Iron NI-22AWT is also one of them. Since 2007, M&S Electronics has significantly aided Pakistan’s electricity sector. Panasonic is one of the providers we only work with since they have earned our trust through time.



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