Kheerganga Trek: Soak in the Tranquil Ambience of the Himalayas

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Are you searching for an adventure? Do you like trekking? Then, here is a place for you to trek and explore. Kheerganga Trek is the right place for your trekking. Even beginners can go for a trek here as it is somewhat easier for one to trek here. The special feature of trekking in this place is that one can enjoy the treasure of nature by taking a glance at the pictorial features of this natural scenery and by exploring it. 

One of the must visit places in Himachal Pradesh is Kheerganga. It is situated in a valley called Parvati. This beautiful place is best suited for trekking. You can go on a trek in this place throughout the year except the months of January and February. You can go on a trek whenever you want according to your choice of the season in Kheerganga. You can even set up your camp in this place. Food and accommodations are available in this place.

You can begin your trek from the place called Barshaini. The entire trek gets completed in about 2 to 3 days. You can reach a height of about 2950 metres. The total distance of the trek covers a distance of about 18 kilometres. The difficulty level of trekking in this valley is easy. The best time to go for a trekking in this place is from the month of March till June.

The Trek

A suggestion of a plan for your trek to Kedarnath is given as follows. 

Step 1:

First of all you have to reach the place called Barshaini either by your personal transport or else by a private one. You can have a spectacular time here. The environment of this place gives a great bliss to you. You can enjoy the heavenly nature here in this place. 

You can explore this place, stroll around, visit the places in and around, go shopping, enjoy the delicious cuisines, camp here and you can stay at night in this place itself. Many hotels are available in this place. You can begin your journey on the next day or else you can begin your journey on this day itself.

Step 2:

The next place you have to go is none other than Kheerganga. The total distance of the trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga is about 9 kilometres. It takes about 5 or 6 hours in order to complete this trek. After reaching the destination you can explore the place.

There are many places to be visited in this place and the most highlighted spots thing to do here is to have a bath in the hot water springs. Many of them are available in and around this place. You can even set your camp in this place or else stay at hotels that are available here. But, both give you different experiences. 

After completing your trekking and exploration in this place you can stay here and finish your dinner off. Then, in the morning you can complete your breakfast, have some time here or you can set your journey back to your home.


There are certain things to be followed and kept in mind while you trek and before you start your trek. Basically for trekking one must have a good body condition and also must have trained their body ready for trekking.

If you are going to trek in a cold climate or weather then, you must take necessary equipment along with you to handle it and you must dress according to that weather to keep your body warm. Wearing shoes is an important thing for trekking. The shoes or boots you wear must have a good grip on it. It should also be flexible as well as comfortable for you. 

When you trek and reach heights you must be able to adapt yourself to the surrounding and environment. Taking a camera or mobile phone along with you will help you to capture your memories in this place. You may carry additional batteries or power banks to keep them charged. Have your own medical kit too, you may need it.


Try to avoid carrying unwanted and extra weights or luggages while you trek. It will slow down your speed by bringing down your energy. It is advisable not to take more than 10 kilograms of weight in the form of your bag or luggage. 10 kgs is an approximate maximum amount of weight you may take for your trekking. Don’t miss any important material or equipment in the process of reducing the weight of your baggage. 

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