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For remote workers and freelancers, keeping their computer active can be a challenge. Low activity reports can negatively impact their productivity and income. However, with IdleBuster, a productivity tool that simulates human-like activities, remote workers can avoid low activity reports by keeping their time tracker active. This blog post will discuss the features of IdleBuster and how it can help remote workers keep computer awake.

Automatic Idle Detection

IdleBuster automatically detects when a computer is idle and generates random mouse movements, keyboard activity, and application and browser tab switching. This feature ensures that the time tracker takes a new screenshot every time, eliminating instances of low activity being recorded. Additionally, IdleBuster’s simulated activity is realistic and close to what a human would do when using a computer. This can include things like moving the mouse, scrolling, typing, and more.

Adjustable App Behavior Settings

IdleBuster comes with adjustable app behavior settings that allow users to fine-tune its performance to help generate perfect activity reports. Additionally, this feature expands the app’s support to almost any time tracking software. Users can configure the idle state activation time to suit their needs.

Undetectable and User-Friendly

IdleBuster is hidden from the list of used apps in the time tracker’s reports, making it undetectable. Additionally, it is user-friendly, with simple keyboard shortcuts for each of its features. The app supports multiple display monitors, keyboard layouts, and scrolling events, and can be activated or deactivated with ease.


In conclusion, IdleBuster is the perfect productivity tool for remote workers and freelancers who want to avoid low activity reports. With its automatic idle detection, adjustable app behavior settings, and user-friendly features, IdleBuster is the go-to app for keeping your computer awake. Try IdleBuster today and enjoy lifetime free updates, 14 days of free trial, and no signup fees. Visit the official website at for more information and to get started.

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