Justifications for joining Amazon’s trademark protection service; an essential read

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The dream of any business owner is to see their company reach new heights of success. In addition to the widespread disruptions and delays experienced by many businesses, some of these firms’ transactions simply never materialize. Another issue is that some businesses have their intellectual property stolen, leading to unaltered copies of their goods or content being sold by their rivals.

The act of constructing or purchasing a home could seem to be merely ornamental. In our haste to perfect the building’s exterior, we can forget to set a realistic budget or arrange for enough payment and insurance.

Amazon is the same way. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re trying to figure out how to get your brand and product out there. Many consumers, however, overlook Amazon Brand Protection throughout this process, despite its importance. Amazon’s brand registry really has the potential to make or kill a company.

A company can no longer afford to ignore Amazon’s Brand Protection Program or delay in registering its trademark. It not only protects your brand against knockoffs, but also allows you complete say over how your customers interact with your product. Here we’ll explain why the Amazon Brand Protection Program is so important for your Amazon search engine optimization efforts.

This article will focus on the value of brand enrolment at Amazon and the advantages it provides.

  • The Importance of Securing Your Amazon Listings
  • Multiple Violations of Rights
  • Misleading IP Infringement Claims
  • Review and Comment Fraud
  • Why it’s crucial to register and keep a close eye on your Amazon account in order to safeguard your brand
  • Conclusion

The Importance of Securing Your Amazon Listings

The popularity of Amazon has led to a surge of merchants, not all of whom act ethically. We’ve compiled a list of potential dangers to your brand so you can avoid them.

Your Amazon Brand Protection team will see the following as red flags for bad behavior. By keeping a tight eye, they can identify malicious individuals and stop any additional harm to your company. 

Piggybacking, Fake Listings, and Hijacking

You’re doing your standard weekly maintenance on your listings, when you notice something strange on the product detail page. You have expanded your private-label product distribution to three additional retail outlets. That can’t be, right?

We regret to inform you that your Amazon listing may have been hijacked. 

When an illegal seller offers a similar but counterfeit goods, they “hijack” your listing and get access to the Buy Box. A seller new to Amazon should know to look for a little box on the right side of the screen called the Buy Box. The Buy Box often goes to the lowest-priced, highest-volume seller.

Multiple Violations of Rights

The phrase “infringement” covers a wide range of offenses, however on Amazon it most often refers to the inappropriate use of trademarked materials. Protecting your brand by registering it properly provides evidence in the event of an infringement lawsuit. Infringement occurs often on Amazon; examples are provided below.

Your brand’s logo, package design, photographs, and other works of art are all protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use of your original works is theft of intellectual property.


A trademark is an intellectual property right that protects your company’s name and logo. Even if you don’t officially register your brand, you might still have a trademark. Amazon will provide limited support in instances involving unregistered trademarks. 


Patents often entail innovations or inventions, as opposed to the aforementioned infringements that deal with creative and private information. 

Misleading IP Infringement Claims

In addition to the aforementioned instances of infringement, you may also be the victim of a fraudulent claim and accusation of IP infringement by a competing merchant. 

What causes this to occur?

If you use your ASIN to steal from another merchant, they may sue you for violating their intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, Amazon will assume your culpability until you can provide proof to the contrary. You now have the basis for a legal case against Amazon and the vendor.

Review and Comment Fraud

Amazon’s marketplace is so cutthroat that competitors would exploit user reviews as a weapon. Fake reviews are simple to spot since they don’t have the verified symbol. But it’s very widespread on Amazon. 

Customer reviews count as social proof and add to seller authority, two factors that the Amazon A10 algorithm uses to determine a product listing’s position in the search results, making it vulnerable to the effects of fake negative comments and reviews. 

Put on your black cap Third-party vendors will flood your listing with phony reviews, both positive and negative. Amazon does not like badly performing listings, which might lead to the suspension of your account if you get a large number of one star ratings. 

Signing Up and Keeping a Close Eye on Your Account

Clearly, the Amazon marketplace is full with shady dealings. These criminal actors have discovered a loophole in Amazon’s policies that allows them to get lawful vendors banned instead of shielded. 

If these actions are identified by Amazon bots, your account will be suspended. Taking swift action against the perpetrators is essential for keeping your company online. 

How does one handle these situations as an Amazon seller? How? By getting your account set up in plenty of time and keeping a tight eye on your product listings. Even if you’re only keeping an eye on one product, this process may become tedious and time-consuming very fast. Amazon’s Brand Protection teams are here to help and take over these mundane but essential duties. 

The value of brand security in the Amazon marketplace

Amazon’s widespread use means that scammers and hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and businesses.

As an Amazon seller, you might be subject to the following attacks:

Infringement of trademarks, copyrights, or patents occurs, for instance, when a cybercriminal creates a fake online storefront and sells knockoffs of your branded products.

Another retailer “steals” the Buy Box from you by offering a counterfeit version of your goods at a cheaper price, a practice known as listing hijacking or piggybacking.

Scammers might file a false claim that you infringed on their intellectual property, leading to the removal of your listing or the closure of your shop.

Another seller may alter your listing’s text, photographs, and details in an effort to throw off potential buyers.


Competition is expected to increase as the number of Amazon merchants grows each year. With more people in the market, there are also more people willing to turn to dishonorable means to get ahead. Sign up for Amazon’s Brand Protection services to avoid any interruptions to your efforts to make your items market-ready. 

SAECOM FBA PRO is available as an adjunct to your Amazon Brand Protection group. We keep an eye on the accounts of our retail partners, take prompt action to curtail fraudulent behavior, and use highly effective preventative measures to guarantee that you get the most out of Amazon’s Brand Protection offerings


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