Jill Charpia: The Travel Expert

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Traveling has always been a way to escape from the daily routine and explore new cultures, cuisines, and experiences. However, planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where travel experts come in handy. They help to plan custom itineraries that suit your preferences and budget. Jill Charpia is one such travel expert who has carved a niche for herself in this industry. In this blog post, we will discuss more about Jill Charpia and her travel blog, traveltillyoudrop.com.

Jill Charpia: The Woman Behind Traveltillyoudrop.com

Jill Charpia is a travel enthusiast, blogger, and entrepreneur. She started her career as a corporate lawyer and worked for a decade before she decided to take a break and pursue her passion for traveling. In 2017, she started her travel blog, traveltillyoudrop.com, which has now become a go-to resource for travelers worldwide. In her blog, she shares her travel experiences, tips, and recommendations for destinations across the globe. Jill Charpia’s expertise lies in planning custom itineraries for her clients. She works closely with her clients to understand their preferences, budget, and travel style and creates a personalized itinerary that ensures a memorable travel experience.

Jill Charpia’s Travel Philosophy

Jill Charpia’s travel philosophy is simple – travel more, spend less, and make memories. Her blog, traveltillyoudrop.com, is a testament to this philosophy. She believes that traveling need not be expensive and that you can explore the world on a budget. Her blog is filled with tips and recommendations on how to save money while traveling without compromising on the experience. She also encourages travelers to step out of their comfort zones and try new things, be it food, adventure activities, or cultural experiences. Her travel blog is not just a platform to share her travel stories but also to inspire others to travel more and create their own travel stories.


Jill Charpia is a travel expert who has successfully combined her passion for traveling and entrepreneurship. Her travel blog, traveltillyoudrop.com, is a valuable resource for travelers who are looking for inspiration, tips, and recommendations for destinations across the globe. Her travel philosophy of traveling more, spending less, and making memories is something that resonates with all travelers. If you are planning your next trip and need some expert advice, do check outtraveltillyoudrop.com and get in touch with Jill Charpia. Happy travels!

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