Artificial Intelligence Class 10

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence: A Beginner’s Guide for Class 10 Students

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Artificial intelligence has become part and parcel of our daily lives. It is something that will help students perform their best in the future ahead. However, students need to understand the proper uses of AI. Otherwise, things can go either way.

The Artificial Intelligence Class 10 book – Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10 (Code 417) by Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd provides meticulous examples of AI. The primary focus is to help students learn the various uses of AI in problem-solving across different contexts.

About Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Book – Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10

The Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10 is published by Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. The language in the book is simple English, and it abides by the latest syllabus sanctioned by CBSE.

This is a complete learner friendly supplement and also rated as one of the top AI books in India. Also, the book describes Python’s fundamental forms in the best way possible, helping future innovators improve their technical proficiency level.

Why Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10?

Here is a list of why you should learn from the Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10. These include:

  • According to the Latest Syllabus

Author Sarvesh Chopra has written the Artificial Intelligence Class 10 book as per the latest approved syllabus by the Department Of Skill Education and CBSE. Students learning from this book will learn the best AI facts and technicalities.

  • Learner Friendly Output

We are slowly moving towards an AI-driven world, and incorporating AI into our daily lives is becoming necessary with time. But how can one do that? The book teaches various ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into problem-solving in an easy-to-understand language.

  • Offers Comprehensive Usage Techniques of AI

In the book, students are introduced to the fundamentals of Python. This forms a sturdy base for those interested in pursuing a career in tech and improving their innovative skills. The primary tone used here is value-based, helping students train their brains in the best way possible.

  • Illustrative Examples

The book has chapter-wise illustrative examples that are straightforward to understand. Students can use the examples as a base for their experimental work in class or at home.

  • Hands-On Exercises

You will find both tutorial sheets and hands-on exercises while learning from the book. Further, quick activities and AI-based games help students learn independently.

What Makes Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10 A Modern-day Study Essential?

Here is a list of all the factors that makes the book a “modern-day study essential” for students. These includes:

  • You can Learn both Online and Offline

Each chapter comes with an in-built QR code, which the students can scan to continue learning the basics of AI and Python uses online. The author Sarvesh Chopra has worked on building a comprehensive learning experience. Making the students ready for the future.

  • Encourages Experimental Learning

The author has incorporated meticulous examples from daily lives backed by the names of valuable tools and AI-based explanations from the real world. Thus encouraging young brains to think beyond the regular and independently experiment with thoughts and concepts.


Candid Artificial Intelligence And Python CBSE Class 10 offers a fulfilling learning experience. This Artificial Intelligence Class 10 book helps students to learn about the practical uses of AI and Python in the regular world and incorporate them in various contexts.

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