How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

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Hair extensions are such a well-liked product because they are a fantastic way to quickly add length, style, and texture to one’s hair without harming natural hair.

Although the hair extension industry offers a fantastic chance to make money, there is a lot of competition. Use the following 4 suggestions to learn how to be heard over the din.


How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

Locate a Reputable Supplier of Hair Extensions Finding reputable hair extension suppliers is the first step in starting a business selling hair extensions.

Select a reputable hair extension supplier who is:


Hair extension suppliers are typically the foundation of any company that deals in tangible goods. Therefore, your reputation rests on their shoulders, and you are only as good as your suppliers.


Select a supplier who is not only eager to fulfill your orders but who can also serve as your business partner and support you when necessary.


If your provider is based locally or abroad, ensure they are simple to reach anytime you need them.

  • A Place To Store Your Bulk Orders

The ideal option is to retain the goods you order in bulk for your clients in an actual location. It’s fantastic if you already have a store, but you could use a room in your house.


It’s best to spread it so you don’t only see your goods online, especially when starting out and learning about the industry. Therefore, having an online store is crucial, and Shopify is the platform we advise.


  • Market Your New Hair Extensions Business

The ideal marketing strategy for your new company is to have a professional website and a blog. This will help you produce content that draws visitors to your site, where you can connect them to your products to generate sales. Use a content scheduler to plan your posts in advance to save time.

If you don’t know where to begin:

  1. Buy your domain from BlueHost or GoDaddy.
  2. Blog about hair extensions and include links to your merchandise.
  3. Use social media to increase website visitors.
  4. To create an additional marketing tool, start collecting emails on your website.

If you want a step-by-step guide, enroll in this 7-Day Make Money Blogging course or this entire course, Build A Money Producing Blog. If you’re uncertain about how, to begin with email marketing, sign up to take one of the following free seminars:

  • Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers – Beginner
  • Make More Sales With Funnels – Expert
  • Email Copy-writing Tips – Beginner/Intermediate
  • Earn Your First Dollar – Beginner/Intermediate

You might also pay for advertisements. Paid social media, advertising will expose your company to the target markets and potential clients you may be looking for.

  • Brand Your Products With Attractive Packaging

For your business to succeed, it’s also crucial how your brand and package your hair extensions.

Spend extra time on your packaging to ensure your success because it symbolizes your business and reputation. Include the following crucial information on your packaging:

  • Brand information
  • Physical location
  • Contact details

All of this information goes a long way toward helping you keep clients and can eventually help you attract new ones.



In general, it is challenging to launch a business selling hair extensions. You must choose your suppliers carefully, pay close attention to the product’s quality, and sell to the appropriate demographic.

If you wish to start a hair extension business, abide by the advice above, and your venture will undoubtedly succeed. Good fortune! If you are looking for premium human hair extensions, go for New Times Hair online store to shop:


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