How to Safely Move Your Couch While Relocating

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Moving can be an adventurous experience, but it can also be a trying procedure, particularly when it comes to moving big furniture like your favourite couch. But fear not! We’ll provide you some useful advice in this article on how to relocate securely while moving your couch. To begin this couch-moving escapade, take a cup of coffee, relax (preferably on a couch), and let’s go!

Plan Ahead: 

Relocating your couch successfully requires careful planning. Start by measuring the dimensions of your couch and the doorways, hallways, and staircases through which it needs to pass. This step will help you determine if your couch can fit through these tight spaces. If not, you may need to disassemble it or consider hiring a professional couch moving service, such as The Six Moving, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Gather the Right Equipment: 

To move your couch safely, you’ll need some essential equipment. Invest in furniture sliders or gliders, moving blankets, plastic wrap, and sturdy moving straps. These tools will protect your couch from scratches, prevent accidents, and make the task easier on your back.

Clear the Path: 

Before you begin moving your couch, make sure to clear the path of any obstacles. Remove small furniture, rugs, and fragile items that could get in your way. Securing a clear path not only prevents accidents but also helps you navigate easily and swiftly.

Enlist Helping Hands: 

Moving a couch is not a one-person job. Enlist the support of relatives or close friends to help you. Remember, many hands make light work (and reduce the chances of funny mishaps!). A team effort will not only make the process faster but also ensure that you don’t strain your back or risk damaging the couch.

Protect and Wrap: 

Before you start moving your couch, take a moment to protect it. Cover it with moving blankets or sheets to prevent scratches and scuffs. Secure the covers with plastic wrap or tape to keep them in place. This extra layer of protection will safeguard your couch during transit.

Use Furniture Sliders: 

When transporting large goods, furniture sliders are your best friends. Place the sliders under the legs of your couch and gently push or pull it to move it effortlessly. These sliders reduce friction, making it easier to maneuver your couch across different surfaces like hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles.

Disassemble If Needed: 

If your couch is too large to fit through narrow spaces, consider disassembling it. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembly guidelines or seek professional assistance. Be sure to keep track of the screws, bolts, and small parts by storing them in a labeled baggie or container. Remember, puzzle-solving skills can come in handy here!

Secure with Moving Straps: 

Once you’ve maneuvered your couch to the desired location, secure it with moving straps. These straps will prevent the couch from shifting during transportation, reducing the risk of damage. Follow the instructions provided with the straps to ensure proper usage. After all, your couch shouldn’t go on an adventure of its own!

Real-life Case Study: 

Meet Sarah, a proud owner of a large, overstuffed couch. Sarah was concerned about how to handle this enormous undertaking when it came time to move into her new flat. She followed the steps mentioned above, gathering her friends, using furniture sliders, and enlisting the help of The Six Moving, a reputable couch moving service. With their expertise and professional approach, Sarah’s couch made it to her new place without a scratch, and she could relax in style, knowing her favourite spot was safe and sound.


Moving your couch during a relocation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With proper planning, the right equipment, and a little bit of help, you can safely transport your couch to its new destination. Remember to measure doorways, clear the path, protect your couch with blankets and plastic wrap, and use furniture sliders for easy manoeuvrability. If needed, don’t hesitate to disassemble your couch or seek the assistance of a professional couch moving service like The Six Moving.

By according to these recommendations, you may reduce the possibility of causing harm to your couch and make the relocation experience easier and more enjoyable. Keep in mind that a happy couch implies a happy you! A well-cared-for couch is a happy couch!

So, the next time you find yourself in a couch-moving adventure, channel your inner strength, grab your friends, and let the moving magic begin. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll even discover some hidden treasures underneath your couch cushions!

Remember, a little humor goes a long way in making the moving process more fun. So, here’s a little riddle to lighten the mood:

Why did the couch go to therapy?

Because it had too many springs attached!

Now go forth, conquer your couch-moving challenges, and enjoy the new chapter of your life with your trusty couch by your side. Happy moving!

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