How to Raise Your Band Score on the IELTS in One Month

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If you haven’t studied enough for your next IELTS exam, you’ll need to put in some serious time and work before the big day arrives. Take note that increasing your IELTS score from 5 to 7+ can be accomplished in as little as one month. To do this, you must prepare for the test with unwavering commitment, focus, and enthusiasm. 

If you put in the time and effort to study for the IELTS, you can improve your band scores. This page contains all the advice that could be useful to you. Using these guidelines as a roadmap, you can successfully execute your exam preparation strategy and get stellar results. If, on the other hand, your PTE exam is coming up rapidly and you want to get ready for it as soon as possible, you can enroll in PTE online coaching lessons. 

How to Raise Your Band Score on the IELTS in One Month

Check out the advice below to raise your IELTS score from 5 to 7 or above in a matter of weeks: 

See if You Meet the Standards 

Your IELTS band score is calculated using a set of evaluation criteria. Therefore, carefully examine and observe the assessment criteria, and be familiar with the skills that will be tested. In this way, it will be crystal clear where your focus should be. For example, in the speaking section of the IELTS, you will be evaluated on your level of fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Discovering your weak areas allows you to work on them and ultimately improve your scores. 

Practice Your Grammar 

Do not expect to do well on the IELTS if your foundational English skills are weak. If you want to raise your band score on the IELTS, you need to solidify your grasp of grammar ideas. You can either enroll in a formal grammar course or teach yourself the fundamentals at home with the use of print, digital, and audiovisual resources. You can’t expect to write flawless sentences without a firm grasp of grammar. In addition to boosting your results on the writing and speaking portions of the IELTS, you’ll be better able to apply a variety of grammatical structures. 

Expand Your Word Choice 

Strong performance on all sections of the IELTS exam is correlated with a high level of vocabulary knowledge. Using sophisticated vocabulary is one way to demonstrate your English competence on the IELTS speaking and writing tests. When taking the IELTS, however, you can readily grasp everything even if you come across a difficult word. You won’t benefit much from expanding your vocabulary until you take the time to learn how to properly pronounce and spell the new terms you encounter. To improve your understanding, study the definitions of the new vocabulary words and work to incorporate them into your everyday speech. 

Gain Self-Esteem 

Feeling unprepared for the IELTS exam will cause you to lose focus, become anxious, and make many more mistakes. Therefore, make it a priority to consistently enhance your skills and boost your self-assurance. If you want to know for sure how well you’ll do on the real thing, you can practice with mock exams, focus on your weak spots, and learn from your mistakes. The only way to score a perfect 100 on the IELTS exam is to go into it with full confidence. If you do well on the exam, you should get a respectable band score. 

Think Outside the Box 

If you find yourself unable to complete either the writing or speaking portions of the IELTS, it is likely due to a lack of ideas. Therefore, you should work on generating ideas so that you have plenty to say or write when the time comes. Reading daily English articles can be a great source of inspiration. Blogs, articles, novels, books, and newspapers are all viable options. There are also many IELTS speaking and writing test answer samples available online. Knowing what to write and say about a topic becomes much simpler in this format. As a result, you can breeze through the modules without giving any thought to the material. 

If you have a lot to say but can’t get it over, it could be because of your limited command of the English language. Do not fret! Join the top English speaking course in Patiala to get immediate results. 


The IELTS isn’t as challenging as some students think it will be, so let’s wrap things up. If you want to improve your performance on the IELTS exam and acquire the score you need, all you have to do is follow the helpful advice provided above. 

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