How to Purchase an Automatic Washer in the UAE

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Title: How to Purchase an Automatic Washer in the UAE: A Comprehensive Guide


In the modern age, automatic washers have become essential appliances for households in the UAE, simplifying the task of laundry and saving valuable time. When considering the purchase of an automatic washer, it is important to understand the features, system requirements, and technical setup details of the appliance. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on purchasing an automatic washer in the UAE, covering an overview of the appliance, its key features, system requirements, and technical setup details.

Overview of Automatic Washers in the UAE:

Automatic washers, also known as washing machines, are household appliances designed to clean laundry efficiently. In the UAE, these appliances are available in a variety of models, sizes, and functionalities, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. They offer convenient features such as automatic programs, varying wash cycles, load capacity options, and energy-efficient modes, making laundry tasks easier and more efficient.

Key Features of Automatic Washers:

1. Washing Capacity: Automatic washers come in different load capacities, typically ranging from 5 kilograms to 12 kilograms. Choose a capacity based on the size of your household and the average amount of laundry you need to wash.

2. Wash Programs: Look for a washer that offers a variety of wash programs to suit different fabric types and laundry requirements. Common programs include normal wash, delicate wash, quick wash, heavy-duty wash, and more. Some advanced models even provide specialized programs for specific fabrics like wool, silk, or sportswear.

3. Spin Speed: The spin speed of the washer determines how quickly the machine can extract water from the laundry during the spin cycle. Higher spin speeds result in faster drying times. Look for a washer that offers adjustable spin speeds to accommodate different types of fabrics and preferences.

4. Energy Efficiency: Consider the energy efficiency rating of the washer, which is typically indicated by a star rating. Higher star ratings indicate greater energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Opt for a washer with a higher star rating to save energy and minimize environmental impact.

5. Water Efficiency: In the UAE, where water conservation is crucial, choose a washer that offers water-saving features. Look for models with sensors that adjust water levels based on the load size, or those that provide eco-friendly modes for minimal water usage.

System Requirements for Automatic Washers:

When purchasing an automatic washer, consider the following system requirements:

– Power Supply: Automatic washers typically require a standard electrical power supply of 220-240 volts. Ensure that your home’s electrical system meets this requirement.

– Water Supply: Automatic washers need a water supply for filling the machine. Most washers in the UAE are designed to connect to standard water taps commonly found in homes. Ensure that you have an accessible water supply and the necessary plumbing connections.

– Drainage: Automatic washers require a drainage system to remove used water from the machine. Ensure that your home has a dedicated drain or plumbing connection suitable for connecting the washer’s drainage hose.

Technical Setup Details for Automatic Washers:

To set up an automatic washer, follow these general steps:

1. Choose the Location: Select a suitable location for your washer, preferably near a water source and drainage facility. Ensure that the area has proper ventilation and sufficient space for the machine.

2. Connect to Power: Plug in the washer to a dedicated electrical outlet with the correct voltage rating. Avoid using extension cords or power adapters to ensure safe and reliable operation.

3. Connect to Water Supply: Connect the washer to the water tap using the provided hoses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for securely attaching the hoses and ensuring a proper water supply connection.

4. Connect to Drainage: Connect the washer’s drainage hose to a dedicated drain or plumbing connection. Ensure that the hose is properly secured to prevent leaks or water spillage.

5. Test and Set Preferences: Before using the washer, perform a test run to ensure that all connections are secure and the machine is functioning correctly. Set your preferred wash program, adjust settings as needed, and familiarize yourself with the washer’s controls and display.


Purchasing an automatic washer in the UAE requires careful consideration of the appliance’s features, system requirements, and technical setup details. By understanding the key features such as washing capacity, wash programs, spin speed, energy efficiency, and water efficiency, you can select a washer that best suits your needs. Ensure that your home meets the necessary system requirements in terms of power supply, water supply, and drainage. Following the general technical setup steps, including connecting the washer to power, water, and drainage, will enable you to set up the appliance correctly and start enjoying the convenience and efficiency of an automatic washer in your UAE home.

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