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How to promote your business online: advantages and practical tools

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Every day over 3.5 billion online searches are made by users through Google to try to find an answer to the most disparate questions. Having a good positioning on search engines allows your brand to reach an unlimited number of potential customers and to represent for them the right answer at the right time.

The advantages that your company can derive from the development of its online presence are mainly 3:

Increased visibility through the creation of a website and the use of online communication channels. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to obtain potentially unlimited visibility. The increase in visibility represents a competitive advantage because it can generate an increase in traffic to the company website and generate a consequent increase in sales;

Greater interaction with customers:  interaction with one’s own and potential customers represents a tool through which to gather information on the consumer behavior, habits, interests and lifestyles of one’s target;

Creation of added value:  sharing information, curiosities, important goals achieved by your company allows consumers and potential customers to feel part of your company and not be perceived only as consumers of your products/services. This content can be conveyed in the form of blog posts, but also content created specifically for corporate social channels.

How to improve your online presence?

The web is a collection of nodes, connections and conversations. In order to try to carve out its own space within the complex network infrastructure, it is important that your brand gets people talking (possibly in a positive way!).

There are several strategies that can be put into practice to improve the online presence of your brand:

Influencing marketing:  this type of activity indicates a series of actions that are carried out through the involvement of influencers or more or less famous personalities of the web (and not only). The implementation of an influencing marketing strategy allows you to create definable collaborations based on the target you want to reach. Working with influencers also allows you to reach a wider audience, with which it would otherwise be difficult to interact. A sometimes-minimal expense for a project involving one or more influencers ensures a   massive and highly targeted promotion of your product.

Content curation and SEO:  the first indicates the set of contents (blog articles, news, posts made on social channels) published according to an editorial plan established with the aim of creating added value for the customer that goes beyond purely commercial communication. Instead, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) indicates the set of rules and activities to be followed to obtain better online reputation visibility compared to one’s competitors.

In a nutshell, the rule is:  produce quality content that represents added value for the public. Through the identification and use of keywords it is possible to improve the positioning of your website or blog within the Google SERP, thus promoting greater visibility of your content compared to that of your competitors;

Social channels: millions of users are active on Facebook and Instagram channels every day: this is where they interact and for companies, they represent potential new contacts. On both platforms it is possible to increase one’s visibility and consolidate one’s positioning through the creation of customized campaigns, thanks to the different targeting options made available by the ads system;

Google AdWords campaigns:  thanks to the advertising platform owned by Google, your brand will have the possibility to create advertising campaigns divided into several ad groups.

Through PPC AdWords campaigns it is possible to create ads that appear on Google in correspondence with keywords established and approved by the system. The strengths of AdWords are the simplicity of use and the immediacy of the results. In a few hours, in fact, anyone can activate their ads and increase traffic to the site or to their e-commerce.

A tool to be used together with Google AdWords (but not only) is Google Analytics, which allows you to monitor which pages of your website are the most visited and which generate a higher conversion rate. The data that can be collected through this tool makes it possible to determine the behavior of users who visit your site, thus optimizing the performance of your pages;

Landing page creations: the landing page is a lead generation -oriented “landing” page. By creating a landing page, it is possible to promote a specific trial service, sell a line of innovative products online or offer tailor-made consultancy for a particular need. In general, a landing page has the purpose of making the user perform one and only one precise action, among all the completion of a form (even of a single field, such as the email address).

Having a strong and consolidated online presence is a necessary but not sufficient condition to determine the success of your business. Knowing the tools and potential of new means of communication is a competitive advantage to allow your business to evolve.


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