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How to get the JIO Whatsapp winner list 2023 Code

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No registration is required to generate the lottery code. Simply browse the public area of ​​the portal KBC JIO Official Lottery of receipts and enters your tax code in the “Participate Now” section. The system will generate an alphanumeric code in barcode format (barcode), which will be printed or saved on your mobile device.

How does the merchant participate in the KBC JIO Official Lottery?

To participate in the lottery, the operator will need to register with the updated software and memorize the lottery code before issuing the electronic receipt. In fact, the customer will have to show his JIO Lottery Official number code at the time of purchase.

A different procedure, however, for commercial operators who, instead of the telematics register for the transmission of payments, use the “online commercial document” web procedure, accessible on the “Invoices and Payments” platform of the Revenue Agency website. In this case, in fact, to allow buyers to participate in the Lottery of Receipts, operators will have to manually enter the lottery code shown by the customer when they prepare the commercial document.

How to check JIO Official Lottery tickets?

To participate in the lottery it is not necessary to keep the physical receipts issued at the time of payment. In the reserved area of ​​the dedicated portal, it is possible to check both the receipts sent to the Revenue Agency and the number of corresponding virtual tickets. Furthermore, in the same area, it is possible to track the total number of tickets for the next draw.

Furthermore, the operator can check the receipts sent in the reserved area “Invoices and payments” of the Revenue Agency portal; he can also check the winnings in the reserved area of ​​the portal.

How to check the winnings?

It is the duty of the Customs and Monopolies Agency to communicate any winnings to the consumer, who will not need a physical receipt to collect the prizes.

In the same way, in JIO Lottery Head Office Number 2023 which the health card is used in the pharmacy, at the time of purchase the taxpayer must show the operator a code, called ” lottery code ” which, through an optical reader connected to the electronic recorder, will transmit the data to the Revenue Agency.

Purchases excluded from the JIO Official lottery

Not all purchases are eligible to participate in the prize initiative. In fact, they are excluded from the lottery

  • Purchases made in cash
  • Online shopping;
  • purchases for the exercise of business, profession, or art;
  • purchases with an amount of less than 200 Rupees;

in the first phase of the KBC Jio lottery Winner list 2023, the following will also be excluded: Purchases for which the merchant is asked to acquire the tax code for the purposes of tax deduction or deduction; Purchases whose data are transmitted to the Health Card System (for example expenses made at opticians, analysis laboratories, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, Para pharmacies, etc.); Purchases are documented by electronic invoice.

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