6 Proven Tips On How to Clear the CA Exams in First Attempt

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Clearing CA Exams in the first attempt is very difficult for students because the CA course exams are very of high-level and very difficult. And the fact behind this is that it is a very professional and demanding course. Seeing this, the students are worried about how they can pass this course. But now you do not have to worry about this course because we have a very simple solution that can help the students to complete their CA course by clearing their exams on the first attempt. Read and follow the 5 proven steps to crack the exams of the CA course in the first attempt, mentioned in our article below, which will help you a lot.

How to Clear CA Exams in First Attempt

1. Create a Suitable time table

Management of time in a proper way is very important for everything, whether you are doing preparations for exams or any other task. So, to manage your time, prepare a timetable suitable for you and add at least 12 hours for your study of chartered accountancy.  This timetable can manage your time properly and save a lot of time from wasting. However, this will work only if you can follow it properly. During the study time in your timetable, do your study with total concentration. Along with the timetable, set goals for each day and promise yourself to complete the work at the end of the day. Do not miss your plan for a single day until an emergency. 

2. Study Foundation Seriously

The foundation level is the basic level of the CA course, which gives us the basic knowledge of the whole course, including finances, taxes, laws, management, etc. The course of CA revolves around the deep knowledge of the Foundation level. So, it is a very important level of the course. If you study this level properly, you will not have to face any trouble in the complete course. But if you take this level as a joke, it will become a big problem because if you don’t have basic knowledge, how will you gain it in depth? So, taking a foundation course seriously is essential for a CA aspirant. 

3. Know About the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

For any course exam, before starting the preparation for the exams, it is important for a student to know the pattern and syllabus of the exams so that he/she can prepare for his/her papers accordingly. The same is also applied to the CA exams. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India keeps changing the exam pattern and syllabus of the CA course. So, it is very important for a CA student to check his/her syllabus and exam pattern timely at the ICAI official website to avoid wasting time. If a student is aware of all these, he/she will not have to face any exam failure. He can clear the CA exams in the first attempt.

4. Do not engage in the Virtual World

 The virtual world of today’s generation is very dangerous for students. This virtual world diverts students’ attention from their studies and diverts it to itself. If a student has to be successful in his life or achieve his goal, then he has to stay away from this world. Smart mobile phones and the internet are very dangerous elements of this world. A student who is a user of either a mobile phone or the internet has not focus on his goal or studies. Especially for a student pursuing the CA course or who wants to pursue it, it is very important for him to stay away from the virtual world. Because the study in the CA course is very difficult, a student of the virtual world can not clear this course without failing. If you want to clear the exams of the CA course in the first attempt, wake up today and start focusing on your studies. Read books and newspapers instead of using the internet for everything.

5. Choose the right institute for coaching 

Every course does not require extra hard work from a student, but the toughest courses, like the CA course, require extra hard work and knowledge. To gain this extra knowledge, coaching institutes play an essential role in the life of a student. Choosing a coaching institute is a relatively easy task, but choosing the right coaching institute is a very difficult task for a CA student. Some students can join the institutes without any proper research. During the exam time, those institutes will be proven harmful to them because they have provided wrong or incomplete knowledge to the students. And they have to face failure in exams. So, do proper research while joining the coaching institute for the CA exams. Analyze all about the institute like its faculty and last year’s results of the institute.

As a recommendation, we would prefer you to join VSI for your CA course, the best CA coaching in India, because it has experienced faculty and also because its results have been very good for many years. To learn more about the institute, you can check it out here. (VSI Jaipur)

6. Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

To pass the CA examinations on your first try, you must practice consistently, put in a lot of effort, and be very dedicated. Despite covering the entire CA Foundation curriculum in 2023, if you are anxious or nervous about your CA exams. You still need to determine if you’ll pass the CA exams or not. Then, you must self-evaluate by solving MTPs, RTPs, and the previous year’s CA Foundation question papers.


In the above article, we learned about the five proven tips for clearing chartered accountancy exams in the first attempt. If you follow these suggested tips, you will never fail any exam in your life.

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