How to calculate pregnancy due date?

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What is pregnancy due date?

The term “estimated date of delivery” (EDD) refers to the anticipated delivery date for a pregnant woman. It is also referred to as “expected date of confinement” (EDC), “estimated due date,” and “due date”.  Between 38 and 42 weeks are the typical gestational weeks.  Only 4% of the time do babies arrive on the scheduled due date.

Basically, it is the date on which the baby is to be born this date can be estimated by various means like using a due date calculator, keeping check on the calendar and also consulting your gynecologist on the day of conception can help estimating the due date. 

What is the importance of pregnancy due date? 

There are several benefits of knowing your due date beforehand. If you do not know the due date then it is better to consult your gynecologist and get an exam done to know the due date. Importance of due date can be summed up as follows: 

  • Knowing your due date is crucial for planning purposes because it will help you be ready to receive your child.
  •  You’ll have enough time to prepare for the hospital and purchase the baby’s necessities, such as a car seat.
  •  Counting down the days until the new baby is born can help siblings get ready for a new family member if you have older kids.
  • Knowing your due date also enables you to receive the proper prenatal care.
  • Prenatal care during your pregnancy should involve taking prenatal vitamins and receiving prenatal screenings at the appropriate intervals. 
  • To make sure your baby is developing normally, your doctor will also measure the size and positioning of your unborn child throughout your pregnancy.

How to calculate the pregnancy due date? 

There are various methods that help calculating due date. A typical pregnancy lasts 280 days, or 40 weeks; the first day of the last regular period is considered day 1. Steps 1 through 3 can be used to calculate an approximate due date. 

  • Find the first day of your most recent period first.
  • Then subtract 3 months from that date on the calendar.
  • Lastly, raise that date by 1 year, 7 days.

What is a due date Calculator?

  • You may estimate the time of your baby’s birth using a due date calculator. You may estimate your baby’s birthday by figuring out your due date. But remember that your due date is just a projection. On the day they were supposed to be born, very few babies actually are. It’s crucial to know your due date for a number of reasons. 
  • You can use it to plan and get ready for the birth of your child. Additionally, it provides your doctor with crucial data that they need to keep an eye on both your and your child’s health.
  • There are several ways you can determine your due date at home. However, these techniques aren’t always reliable. Based on the size of your baby as seen on ultrasound and the time since your last period, your doctor may give you a different due date when you visit them.
  • A due date estimator is just that—an estimation. To determine your due date, your doctor will examine you and your growing fetus.
  • Your healthcare professional will conduct an ultrasound to get a more precise estimate of when your baby will be born. 
  • Your doctor will measure your infant during the ultrasound. These measurements aid in confirming your due date and the gestational age of your unborn child for your healthcare professional.

When to consult your gynecologist?

It’s recommended to make your first appointment with your gynecologist before you’re eight weeks along. If your cycle is a typical 28-day cycle, you are already regarded as being in your fifth week of pregnancy by the time you notice a missed period. This is so that your pregnancy week can be determined starting on the first day of your most recent period. Accordingly, the due date can be estimated. 

How to be prepared for the pregnancy due date?

Some of the essentials steps to be done some days prior o the birth date are:

  • Prepare all the baby gear.
  • Stock up household essentials
  • Arrange a ride for all the family to reach there on the delivery date
  • Fill the required forms 
  • Make sure you are ready with all the preventative care for the baby
  • Take time for yourself
  • Make the house baby proof
  • Get ready for the hospital or birth center


It is important to know the due date of your pregnancy for many reasons which is the reason one should know how to calculate it. This article gives an overview about the same. 

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