How to Buy a Futon Bed Mattress

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Futon bed mattress is perhaps the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself this season if you have been laboring to go to sleep on your old and uncomfortable bed mattress. The reason why they are becoming so highly popular in such a short period is because they are versatile and can double up both as a comfortable bed at night time and as a sofa during day time. However, when you go out to purchase a futon, you must watch out for 5 factors that I am going to describe in this article.


There are two types of futon bed mattresses – the tri fold one and the bi fold one. It is easier to fold away a tri fold futon as it will fold in thirds. Whereas a bi fold mattress will fold into a half. However, I personally feel that if you intend to use a futon primarily for sleeping at night, you have no option but to use the bi fold one as it is strong, supportive and thick and is a far better choice than the tri fold variety. However, storing the tri fold will be easier than storing the bi fold variety.


Always go for comfortable but lightweight futon bed mattress. Klappmatratzen Top 10 Lightweight futon bed mattress is ideal for sofa purpose while for bedding, you should opt for the heavier version.


Unless the futon is firm, it won’t give much comfort. While sitting or sleeping on the mattress, it should feel firm and not hollow.


This is a very important quality that is a must. The mattress must be able to retain its shape after someone sits on it or sleeps on it and the shape must be retained along the edge. And if, it is as a sofa that you intend to use the futon, then rigidity will be of prime importance.


A flexible futon bed mattress ensures that you will be able to fold it, and unfurl it and then again pack it away easily. Go for flexible futon bed mattresses.

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