best private school in singapore, Singapore international school
best private school in singapore, Singapore international school

How Is CBSE Different From ICSE?

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Each education board has its curriculum and pedagogy. The curriculum and teaching methods significantly affect the overall development of the kids. Co-curricular activities and pedagogy are significant variables before zeroing on the perfect school for your kid. 

Let us start with an overview of both CBSE Singapore international school and ICSE boards before discussing the differences. 

CBSE Board

CBSE is an abbreviation for Central Board of Secondary Education. It was established on November 3, 1962, with its headquarters in India’s New Delhi. Over 16000 schools in India and about 24 other nations are affiliated with the Board. All Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, many private schools, and the majority of educational institutions that have received the Central Government of India approval, including the best private school in Singapore, have an affiliation up to a higher secondary level.

ICSE Board

The Council for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (CISCE) conducts the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE). The Council is a non-governmental education body in India, after which ICSE becomes ISC (Indian School Certificate). The Council is linked with several schools in India and other nations. 

The subjects offered by CBSE and ICSE are varied while providing a broad selection of subjects such as home science, agriculture, and fashion design. Both of these put equal emphasis on all subject streams, including Art, Language, Science, Mathematics, and even Humanities.

To help you make an informed decision when selecting a board for your child, we’ve compiled a list comparing the two Syllabi.


  • The ICSE board’s syllabus is comprehensive, while the CBSE board’s syllabus is precise and easy.

Competitive Edges

  • If you are helping your kid prepare for the Indian IIT-JEE and NEET, the CBSE curriculum will benefit them. The abundance of theoretical information helps kids gain knowledge from an exam point of view. 
  • Both CBSE and ICSE help in developing excellent analytical skills and thorough comprehension. 
  • A good educational board choice can lead to long-term career success for your child and offer a competitive advantage. 

Instruction Medium

  • ICSE focuses more on English as a medium of education. As a result, it provides students an advantage while taking TOEFL, IELTS, and other standardised exams. These serve as standard scores for admission to international universities. The CBSE board, however, does not favour any particular language.

Global Acceptance

  • Both the CBSE and ICSE certifications have an advantage at overseas institutions and universities, even though CBSE Boards are widely recognized. 

Relocation Friendly

  • It is recommended that parents working in occupations that require a lot of travelling choose the CBSE Board. CBSE certification is widely accepted in India. In addition, CBSE Schools are more prevalent and can assist your child in securing admission to a similar board with minimal difficulty. 


All universities and institutes in India and worldwide recognize both CBSE and ICSE certificates. As a result, choosing between the two educational boards takes time. Before enrolling your kid in CBSE school in Singapore, consider what kind of future you want for your child. Also, consider other factors like international school fees, infrastructure, and facilities. 

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